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Sarvaa Superfood, Cacao Plus!, 10 oz powder



$ 43.00

100% Pure Organic Vegan Superfood Meal!

Protein meets Cacao.

Imagine having the best support possible for your next hike, run, yoga session, or workout without the crash! Organic, raw, and vegan Cacao Plus! is a unique meal or snack that tastes great and makes you feel great. You'll love the subtle hints of cinnamon and ginger.

At work, home, school or play...You get sustained energy, mental clarity, positive mood!

Cacao Plus was created to give you the potent benefits of a truly unique and delicious plant-based meal or snack loaded with supergreens, adaptogens, and raw, organic heirloom cacao. We blend the best cacao from Ecuador, Peru, and Bali to create a synergy of balanced and bio-available nutrients not found in any other protein powder on the market! Not only does Cacao Plus taste absolutely delicious with its rich chocolate flavor, but it contains ample amounts of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and healthy fats. You get 21 superfoods, plant-based protein and raw cacao to provide your body with amazing health benefits and increased energy levels for an active lifestyle. Cacao Plus! is the perfect mid-afternoon snack, pre and post-workout fuel or morning pick me up.

Your Benefits

Infused with the top supergreens, adaptogenic roots and herbs, raw cacao and plant-based protein, Cacao Plus! offers a variety of health benefits for EVERYONE that range from mood enhancement to optimal athletic performance. Read on for more of these amazing benefits below.

Energy. Boosts your energy in a safe, natural, and effective manner without the low that can come from caffeine containing products.

Mood. Enhance your level of well-being with mood boosting botanicals that make your body and mind feel good!

Save Time. Are you busy? Want the absolute best feeling with great taste in 2 minutes? Satisfy your hunger quickly and easily!

Endocrine Support. Contains 7 superfoods that provide your body nourishment for healthy skin, hair, eyes, and nails.

Immune Boost. Chlorophyll rich superfoods provide your body with much needed micro-nutrients and trace elements that are absolutely vital for a healthy immune system response and re-building.

Stress Relieving. Adaptogenic botanicals, herbs, and roots offer your nervous system relief from a variety of stressors.

Cleansing. Alkalizing superfoods will put your body on the fast track to health by cleansing the body of toxins, balancing blood sugar, and easing digestion.

Save Money$.  Give yourself the gift of an amazing shake for under $4.00.  And feel like a million bucks!

Weight Management.  Create your ideal weight! Decrease your cravings for less healthy foods like bad carbs and sugars. Balance your appetite.

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