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Best of Sedona

Daniel Vitalis Reviews ChocolaTree

Infusing A Business With Love And Gratitude ~ Lilou Mace

Interview on the Raw Food World

Renegade Health Show Interview Part 1

Renegade Health Show Interview Part 2

Kelly Johnson Tour with Joe Polish

Joy In America

The Raw Advantage Reviews Chocolatree


Feature in The Guardian UK (January 2017)

Review in Whole Life Times (August - Sept. 2016)

20 Top Vegan Restaurants From Coast To Coast (Food Network)

Top 10 list of high vibe places in Sedona (Vogue Magazine, June 6, 2016)

Interview with House of Citrine (July 2015)

Being Plant Based in Sedona (Digestive Wellness Center, June 2015)

Feature on owner Jennifer Warr (West Jet Magazine, Nov 2013)

Getaway to Sedona (Air Canada, September 2013)

Chocolatree is a Sedona sanctuary for the health-conscious (L.A. Biz, April 30, 2013)

Eclectic Cuisines of Sedona (December 2012)

Feature in NY Daily News (March 2012)

Feature in Times Union Publication (September 2011)

American Vegan Magazine (Fall 2011)

Raw Packaged Foods (Delicious Living, August 2010)

Mention in MAJR Magazine

Where To Eat Vegan

The Numbers Marketplace


Soothing the Body and Soul in Sedona

Top 10 Travel List

Raw Life Blog

Vegan Fitness

My Dairy Free Gluten Free Life

The Vegan Hucklebuck

Breakfast in Sedona - An Existential Experience

How I Saved My Thyroid


ElfenWorks Productions

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