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Each dish is created using 100% organic, vibrant foods, gluten-free & entirely home made

We do this because the health and vitality of the Earth and all of Her creatures is very important to us. It is for this reason that we create each dish in celebration for this divine experience in gratitude for Earth’s abundant gifts made possible by each element: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Spirit.



ORDER TAKE AWAY & View Interactive Menu


From growing to harvesting, sourcing, preparing, and delivering this nutritious delicious food, we aspire to be present to life’s bounty, and invite you, too, to play in the world of plenty. Our specially selected ingredients are often locally grown including from our on-site garden which hosts many of our herbs.



All organic items that we source outside of our gardens, are treated carefully, upon arrival to ChocolaTree they are un-encoded of any harmful "bizarreness" that may have occurred during transits. Nuts and seeds gather life force energy germinating in polar, geomagnetic ocean minerals. Everything is created with local artesian well water. 



Each item on our menu is created from scratch by food Magicians who uphold the highest integrity and abundance of all for the sake of the ingredients, our planet, and your bodies.

We have created an atmosphere where integral philosophies are put into play for you to experience for yourself, at our restaurant in Sedona, Arizona, and now on our online store. 



When creating our packaged raw foods, we keep the temperature below 115 degrees and everything is packaged speedily to assure freshness and high vibrational love still intact when we serve or ship it to you.




Our chocolate shop is in constant production for ChocolaTree and distribution worldwide, creating the largest selection of handmade, artisan-crafted raw chocolates. Mirroring the integrity of our eatery, our chocolate shop uses only organic, stone-ground, fair-trade ingredients, and we are so blessed to house both establishments under the same roof for so many reasons: the friends, the community, the laughter, the intoxicating aroma of cacao wafting through our premises and, of course, the chocolates!



We partner directly with small-scale cacao growers to preserve their traditional way of farming, thereby safeguarding the biodiversity of cacao in Ecuador. We undertake a number of sustainability programs for the benefit of the cacao-growing communities with which we work. The sustainability of cacao as a living tree is sacred to us here, and working with others that value cacao in similar ways is of the utmost importance. As a result, we are rewarded with absolutely orgasmic delights that come in so many forms to be shared with you as part of our extended family at ChocolaTree Organic Oasis.



It all begins with trees growing with ripening fruit year round. We hand harvest the Cacao pods and peel each bean individually on our small cacao farms. The beans are then stone ground in their raw, organic, fully nutritious, live state. Bitter they may be, until they reach the alchemists hands where Chocolatier, Kelly Johnson adds sweeteners like maple syrup or honey and sprouted nuts, berries & dried fruits to create each unique Truffle, Magic Bars and L.O.V.E cup (Live Organic Vegan Euphoria)



Some may know, others just feel that chocolate in its raw state brings out a sense of euphoria, due to a few components including anandamide and tryptophan. The care, integrity and love for chocolate is obvious when you taste, feel, and experience “the best chocolate ever.” And that’s not it ~ Raw Chocolate is GOOD FOR YOU !!

The grander vision involves a pristine Earth growing with Cacao Trees in bio diverse areas around the world. As it is known Cacao is a medicine, superfood, and delicious treat. Continue to reforest the earth, Eat Delicious Chocolate and improve your health Now! 

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