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Our Vision


ChocolaTree is a sanctuary where each Being can nurture their Authenticity


We see a world of natural beauty where every child is born into a domain of clean air, pure water & their very own garden growing fresh foods in a splendid paradise!

We all play a part in nurturing this Vision together as we make conscious choices that honor ourselves, the planet and each other.  



Each dish is created using 100% organic, vibrant foods, gluten-free and entirely home made.

We do this because the health and vitality of the Earth and all of Her creatures is very important to us. It is for this reason that we create each dish in celebration for this divine experience in gratitude for Earth’s abundant gifts made possible by each element: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Spirit

From growing to harvesting, sourcing, preparing, and delivering this nutritious delicious food, we aspire to be present to life’s bounty, and invite you, too, to play in the world of plenty. Our specially selected ingredients are often locally grown including from our on-site garden which hosts many of our herbs.

The items that we source outside of our gardens are treated carefully, upon arrival to ChocolaTree. Nuts and seeds gather life force energy germinating in polar, geomagnetic ocean minerals. Everything is created with local artesian well water & megaH.

Each item on our menu is created from scratch by food Magicians who uphold the highest integrity and abundance of all for the sake of the ingredients, our planet, and your bodies.

We have created an atmosphere where integral philosophies are put into play for you to experience for yourself, at our restaurant in Sedona, Arizona and online store. 

When creating our packaged raw foods, we keep the temperature below 115 degrees and everything is packaged speedily to assure freshness and high vibrational love still intact when we serve or ship it to you.


Here are a few ways ChocolaTree Upholds its Vision. 

  • We source 100% Organic or Wildcrafted produce. All of our seeds, nuts, vegetables, herbs, spices, sea veggies, everything!
  • 95% of our menu is seasonal, based on what is available locally. If we cant get it within 3 states bordering Arizona, we don't serve it or we source directly from the most integral supplier. We take into account the "travel miles" organic food undergoes to arrive at its destination. For instance an organic apple flown from Chili might taste and look the same as an organic apple grown in our neighboring Verde Valley however considering the impact of the airplane fuel, packaging etc., sourcing the Chilean apple does not fit into our vision. Therefore we opt to support local growers as much as possible.
  • The water we use in preparing our foods is an artesian spring fed source free of chlorine or fluoride, just pure water.
  • We begin the germination process of our seeds and nuts in this artesian water to assure optimal digestion of the foods we prepare.
  • When sourcing our superfoods such as cacao and maca which grow in other than the local area we work directly with the small farms planting the seeds themselves and nurturing the plants as they grow. Always fairly traded.
  • When available we source wild-crafted produce including goji berries, chaga and reishi mushrooms.
  • Our entire line of packaging and such is 100% recyclable, or omnidegradable and/or at least 80% post-consumer recycled, & FSC Certified*. Including our chocolate bags, to-go containers, toilet paper, hand towels, paper napkins, labels, carry out bags, business cards, advertising materials, printed menus, everything! "Recycled" often still means virgin material was used - please demand higher integrity in labeling!
  • Our take away foods and cold press juice are packaged in glass, not plastic!
  • Our shipping materials are reused and reusable. We even use the backs of our labels for padding instead of buying packing peanuts.
  • Our printing paper is 100% post-consumer recycled. We minimize printed promotions and send out online newsletters instead! We never use styrofoam! We use reusable ice packs.
  • We source locally made honey from small bee farms that never feed their bees corn syrup.
  • Our marketplace is filled with a variety of ecologically and sustainably sourced crafts, supplements, body care and foods that meet our rigorous integrity standards.
  • We have planted our own small food forest at ChocolaTree and offer regular garden forums for free to assist others in planting.
  • Our garden is planted in a unique way to honor the respectful ways of Anastasia.
  • We have voluntarily planted several other small food forests in the area including a small orchard at the Divine Grace Yoga Ashram in 2019.
  • In 2023 we planted our homestead garden, home to over 3 dozen fruit and nut trees and about 1/3 acre of produce. 
  • We compost every bit of food waste, either feeding it to homestead animals or turning it into soil. 
  • We only use natural cleaning products and never use chlorine bleach as it is the #1 worst "cleaning" chemical upon our precious planet therefore it really does not clean.
  • There is a selection of handcrafted goods in our marketplace sourced from indigenous tribes that we work directly with. Including tribes in Ecuador and Colombia, Quechua and Huichol people.
  • Our coffee is grown in the Heart of the World in La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia and over 72% of the proceeds are given back to the Peoples for strengthening spiritual and cultural values in La Sierra.
  • Café A'Mía brings coffee into the world as a sacred element interacting with peoples through spiritual and cultural content shared by the peoples who cultivate to help raise levels of awareness of Humanity's "sacred place in Nature" and its inherent connection to the Earth Mother - all Elemental Beings that sustain life on the Planet. Also, increases sustainability in those cultivating the coffee, and who we work with. The coffee is instrumental in bridging pre-ancient wisdom and the modern world. Café A'Mía also helps with a shift in the industry towards greater care of the Earth and the peoples thru educational messages.
  • And last but not least, we proudly support ecologically based companies when sourcing goods for our marketplace and online store to continue to support all of life through sourcing the highest integrity products that strive to nourish life through the offerings that they bring forth.   



Garden Sanctuary


A happy garden grows healthy trees, vines, flowers, veggies, fruits, berries and herbs, and during growing and harvest seasons, our garden at ChocolaTree is in full flourish.

We have planted Apples, Pears, Almonds, Pistachios, Figs, Peaches, Kiwis, Many Berries, Goji, Raspberry, Blueberry, Golden Raspberry, Blackberry and Strawberries. Since the garden was first seeded in 2006 we hold events in the garden and education forums on gardening, motherhood, sacred land stewardship and more.

For the most optimal growth we regularly apply effective microorganisms to assure they have all the helpful bacteria for their enrichment. We plant organic and heirloom to continue to honor the natural ways. Feel free to read, play, sing, meditate in our sacred garden oasis.

Another fun fact about out garden is, when we harvest the bounty, we reserve about 25% of everything to the insects, birds and animals. How do we do this? We communicate with them, and respectfully leave any fruits that have been claimed by some other critter. What we have found is that if we uphold our end of the bargain they do as well. So its really quite a harmonious opportunity to be in balance with the other members of our nature community rather than battling with them. 

In 2022 we began gardening on our homestead land in Cornville Arizona. We have started a pedagogical garden here on about 1 acre of the property so far. The land had been flood irrigated pasture grazing land for the past 40+ years. To date, now fall 2023, we have planted a small biodiverse paradise with the intention of hosting children's groups and locals that wish to connect with nature through a vegetable, fruit, grain and seed garden right here in Verde Valley. 




Gardener, ChocolaTree Co-Creator

An experimental gardener, Ayurvedic and live foods chef Radhika Jen Marie has grown a family orchard/garden, started and nurtured a vibrant Eatery and marketplace and developed a line of live foods distributed online and throughout the country. Her restaurant, ChocolaTree Organic Oasis is a safe haven for travelers and locals of Sedona to nourish themselves in an authentic way. Her contribution to this world has been recognized by many as she plants her seed visions upon the world an inspiration is born.




 The Mother Earth Restoration Trust


Mission: To bridge pre-ancient wisdom (when all was in spiritual thought of creation and being prepared for its physical manifestation) with the modern world for the unification of all peoples, to awaken and inspire a conscious and engaged commitment worldwide for Mother Earth Restoration.

Vision: We envision a world of fresh water, clean air, fertile soil and harmony among all peoples, where Life is restored to ecological, social, economic and cultural balance. By 2025 we will have restored the effects brought about by human action in the web of life.

We are honored to be part of this world community where each one of us is involved on an intimate level, contributing to the beauty and peace in the world

We believe it takes a village, a world village in fact, to live in unified harmony upon this sacred Earth. This deepens and broadens our responsibility and calls each of us to be stewards of peace in every way we can. This can seem very challenging at times when we think of all the ways we are creating beauty and peace in the world and at the same time, to see how easy it is to not uphold the honorable responsibility of upholding peace.

In fact, every moment of the day we have the ability to create: through our thoughts, through our actions, through our words, through our choices, through not acting, not speaking, not thinking or not upholding peace. It really is up to us at what point the responsibility is upheld or not. 

And right now we are all being challenged in many ways, by the growing needs we have in our lives to uphold the conscious responsibility of being human. This awareness, this consciousness is our responsibility and something we take very seriously at ChocolaTree. We genuinely nurture our vision in every action we take in living our lives and stewarding our sanctuary.

Since the birth of Our Sanctuary, ChocolaTree, in January 2009 we have been in support of our vision, and we do our very best to uphold our responsibility as stewards of this sacred job.

We have also seen there are other organizations that uphold a deep reverence as stewards upon this earth. We have chosen to donate to these organizations as a way of supporting our vision as well as broadening our reach as it were, to influence a greater level of peace.

You have the ability to donate to these organizations by visiting their websites, connecting to them personally or by donating here and we will pass the donation onto them.

Thank you for your heartfelt contribution and for upholding the depth of responsibility you have, in bringing more light and healing to this sacred world.  



In our garden and in our dining area are 2 standing shiva lingams. We said yes to being Intent holders for the Peace Across the Planet Project, twice. The Lingams are far more than symbols for peace, they are living stone beings grounding into mother earth and tapping into the cosmos, connecting us all with the rhythms of the divine. 

Please enjoy what Tohmas and Marilyn of AhhhMuse have to say about this adventure as we could not agree more.

Peace Across the Planet may be the biggest invitation you will ever receive. For us, it may be the biggest one we have ever accepted: Join Peace Across the Planet in whatever way truly pleases your heart and grows your Spirit.

All of us sleep-walk through parts of our days. Sometimes it seems to take so much just to survive. And it does. It takes many times more energy and precious lifeforce to pay the bills, run the errands, to ONLY survive, instead of thriving. When we bring our enormous, innate focus on thriving— on the magnificent vision of peace everywhere at once — our life force grows by leaps and bounds. Why? Because when we give ourselves to the wonder of life itself, our Spirits come to the forefront of everything we do and be.  Now. They insist upon it, magnificently. And then, even though watching the kids, walking the dogs, and paying the mortgage demands almost unbelievable energy...what does it matter? We have MORE than enough energy when we are fully engaged with our Spirits. And when we need more, MORE than enough comes to us again and it never, ever stops. It just keeps coming, answering our trust in love and inspiration, utterly. Our Spirits love to grow life with us, through us, and in us. It is so.

Our Spirit Grandmother offers it to us in an Elemental Equation, “Right now, one person standing in unconditional love and acceptance is stronger than over 300,000 people standing in fear.” Drink that in. Fill the well of your undying inspiration with that, over and over again. Revel in unceasingly!

Now look at the numbers: There are about 7 billion people on the Earth Mother right now. When you divide 7 billion by 300,000, it equals 23, 333.33 people — barely the size of ONE small city! One small city of 23,333 people living in the loving focus that grows unlimited lifeforce can “rule” the peace for all. Let’s apply this directly to the ‘Peace Across the Planet” adventure. There are Standing Shiva Lingams in various places around the world where fantastically brave and dedicated humans said, “Yes, I will be the one in my community, in my family, to be an Intent Holder. I will hold this sacred Shiva Lingam in my space and gather people around it at least once a month, no matter what — no matter how busy I can fool myself into being. I will do this and stand as one person in 300,000 choosing love and peace, now.”

In Tucson, USA, there are more Intent Holders in that city than anywhere else in the world; there are 7 Intent Holders. According to the July 2010 census there are 520,116 people living in Tucson. When you translate 7 Intent Holders into the Elemental Equation, those 7 people are stronger than 2,100,000 people focusing on fear (survival alone, nothing else), 4 times the current population of Tucson! Not only can this be done, it is being done. It is being focused on and it is being shared. It is being offered to every willing being on this fantastic planet. One of the reasons that people living love with open hearts are so powerful at this time is that the Earth Mother is evolving. That evolution offers an infinite boost of energy to all beings who choose to accept the invitation to evolve with her. All of the Animals (non two-leggeds), Minerals, and Plants upon the Earth stand in union with her; they already live completely within the natural, powerful, generous cycles of life here— they can do no less. They are evolving too. Their joined energies cascade even more lifeforce and support upon two-leggeds who stand up and say, “Yes. I choose to evolve.”

When we support and gather around Standing Shiva Lingams, we merge ourselves with the Mineral Kingdom’s timeless wisdom and unerring stamina for peace. These Standing Lingams profoundly root into the Earth; they ground into the Crystalline Grid of the Earth Mother— the conscious network of all the Stones & Crystals making up her which communicates immediately & constantly her love and support to all beings upon her. Through the Crystalline Grid, she invites us all to evolve, right here, right now.

Through Peace Across the Planet, we accept. We consciously choose to evolve and all her children offer unlimited energy, life and joy to our choices. This is why we are Standing with the Shiva Lingams in Peace Across the Planet: it is our honor and perhaps the biggest invitation we will ever love and accept. 


Support for Theravada Buddhist Forest Nun, Nobel beggar, Nb. Metta Karuna

There are many ways that we can support Metta Karuna

1) Khema - General Support

2) Leaf Collection - Shelter support

1 Leaf $25 a month toward appropriate humane shelter for Nb. Metta Karuna

Khema - Shade of a Tree Collection

Khema is a Pali word that means safety or security. It was also the name of the nun at the time of the Lord Buddha who was foremost in wisdom.

The Lord Buddha repeatedly suggests practitioners go to "the shade of a tree".


If you want to know me, I am often walking along the road or on a forest path.




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