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Nariveda - Cogni Veda



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Build a Healthy Brain with Cogni Veda's Unique Ayurvedic Approach to the Brain-Heart, Brain-Gut, and Brain-Lymph Axis

✓ Ultimate Brain Food to Manage Stress, Reduce Toxins and Brain Fog*

✓ Supports Healthy Energy Production - Keeping you More Alert and Sharp.*

✓ Increases Plasma Levels of Vital Protein Essential for Cognitive Health *

✓ Promotes a Relaxed State of Mind - Balances Your Mood*

Take Control of Your Brain Health with Cogni Veda...The Market's First Ayurvedic Nootropic Brain Supplement!

Are you searching for a complete brain health solution that protects your brain from free radicals and pollutants that cause premature aging and damage? Look no further than Cogni Veda, the ultimate brain health supplement designed to provide the brain with the necessary nutrients that modern diets frequently lack. * 

One of the hidden causes of accelerated brain aging is a buildup of brain rust, which can lead to the loss of nerve cells, malfunctioning neurotransmitters, and the production of memory-destroying amyloid plaques. Cogni Veda is specifically designed to combat brain rust and promote cognitive function, reducing the effects of brain fog and providing the brain with essential brain food. * 

At the core of this supplement's formulation are the critical Brain-Heart Axis, Brain-Gut Axis, and Brain-Lymph Axis, which are crucial for optimum cognitive performance, as stated in Ayurveda. * 

Cogni Veda addresses three essential brain health axes - the Brain-Heart Axis, the Brain-Gut Axis, and the Brain-Lymph Axis - promoting greater brain health and function. It is a one-of-a-kind combination of 15 potent brain nutrients that work together to reduce oxidative stress in the body, combat brain fog, and provide the brain with necessary brain food.* 

Unlike other nootropic supplements, Cogni Veda is the only comprehensive, multi-point brain health solution on the market that targets both short-term and long-term performance. Its natural and clinically validated ingredients, as well as proprietary and supporting compounds, are exclusive to the market. * 

Cogni Veda's ingredients have been rigorously tested for efficacy, making it one of the best brain health supplements on the market. Students, working professionals, and anybody trying to improve their brain health and overall well-being will benefit from its unparalleled benefits and capacity to support optimal brain function. *  

Do not let free radicals and pollutants hurt or impair your cognitive health. Choose Cogni Veda, the greatest brain health supplement that gives your brain important nutrients and promotes better brain function. Order yours today and get the benefits of a healthy brain! * 

Why We Created Cogni Veda

Make a Good Brain Great

As we age, our brain's cognitive functions can decline, affecting memory, focus, and overall brain health. This is due to several factors, including oxidative stress, inflammation, and the accumulation of harmful waste products in the brain.* 

Cogni Veda is the brainchild of Nirmal Yogi, who sought to create a nootropic supplement that combined the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with the latest scientific research. His dedication to providing comprehensive support for brain health led to the creation of Cogni Veda – a revolutionary supplement that addresses all three critical brain health axes.* 

Cogni Veda's unique blend of natural ingredients is designed to promote optimal brain function and overall well-being. By nourishing the Brain-Heart Axis, Brain-Gut Axis, and Brain-Lymph Axis, Cogni Veda provides comprehensive support for cognitive function and helps reduce stress and anxiety.* 

Cogni Veda is uniquely positioned to address these factors and promote healthy brain aging. Its ingredients, including Memophenol, Ashwagandha, and Resveratrol, have potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help protect the brain from oxidative stress and inflammation. Additionally, ingredients such as Citicoline (Cognizin) and Omega-3 Fatty Acids have been shown to support healthy cognitive function in aging adults.* 

Furthermore, Cogni Veda's emphasis on the Brain-Lymph Axis is particularly relevant to healthy brain aging. As we age, the Glymphatic System can become less efficient at removing waste products from the brain, leading to the accumulation of harmful substances that can damage brain cells. Cogni Veda's blend of natural ingredients helps optimize the Glymphatic System, promoting the removal of these waste products and reducing the risk of neurological disorders.* 

Nirmal Yogi's dedication to creating a truly holistic nootropic supplement has led to the development of Cogni Veda, a unique and powerful blend of natural ingredients that promotes brain health and cognitive function. By incorporating this supplement into your daily routine, you can experience the benefits of Ayurvedic wisdom and give your brain the support it needs to thrive.* 



Why Cogni Veda Works

Rethink Your Boundaries

In today's fast-paced world, our brains are constantly bombarded with information and stimuli, which can lead to cognitive overload, mental fatigue, and even burnout. In addition, as we age, our brain cells may deteriorate, leading to a decline in cognitive function and memory.*

Cogni Veda is a revolutionary brain health supplement that takes a unique and holistic approach to promoting optimal brain function and overall well-being. By addressing the three critical systems essential for brain health, namely the Brain-Heart Axis, Brain-Gut Axis, and Brain-Lymph Axis, Cogni Veda provides comprehensive support for healthy brain cells, stable mood, and normal memory function.*

The Brain-Heart Axis is nourished by potent ingredients such as Citicoline (Cognizin) and Omega-3 Fatty Acids, which increase blood flow to the brain and promotes neurotransmitter production. These nutrients are crucial for maintaining healthy brain cells and supporting optimal cognitive function.*

The Brain-Gut Axis is supported by AyurFlora Broad Spectrum Enzymes and 72 plant-based micro minerals that enhance gut health and supports the gut-brain connection. A healthy gut is vital for nutrient absorption, including those essential for optimal brain function.*

Finally, the Brain-Lymph Axis is activated and optimized by key ingredients such as Memophenol, Ashwagandha, and Astaxanthin, which reduce the accumulation of toxins and free radicals in the brain. These harmful substances can damage brain cells over time and increase the risk of neurological disorders.*

What sets Cogni Veda apart from other brain health supplements is its scientifically advanced blend of patented and supporting ingredients, which are clinically validated and not found together in any other product. The ingredients are of the highest quality, purity, and potency, ensuring maximum effectiveness.*

Extensive scientific research and development support the effectiveness of Cogni Veda in promoting healthy brain function, enhancing cognitive performance, and reducing the risk of neurological disorders.* 

Incorporating Cogni Veda into your daily routine can help promote healthy brain cells, enhance cognitive function, and reduce brain fog, allowing you to maintain mental clarity and focus throughout the day.*


Vitamin B6 (from organic holy basil), folate (from organic lemon), riboflavin (vitamin B2 from organic guava), SafrInside organic saffron stigma extract, vitamin C (Saberry from organic alma extract), zinc, BioEnhanced Na-Rala (R-alpha lipoic acid), citicoline, L-carnitine, life’s DHA omega 3 (docosahexaenoic acid from algal oil), Givomag, piper nigrum fruit extract, purified water, organic stevia leaf extract, organic orange oil.

Narisorb Active Absorption Enhancer: 

Shila-Senonian Bio Molecules (raw whole food complex containing over 70 plant-derived minerals), small particle AyurSilver, pink Himalayan crystals.

AyurBright Nootropic Factors: 

Ashwaganha extract, NeuroFactor coffee fruit extract, Bacopin, Centellin, Spearmint extract, memophenol (grape and wild blueberry extract), gingko biloba leaf extract.

Ayurgenol Cell Shield Optimizer: 

Curcumin C3 Complex, citrus bioflavonoids, inositol, MicroActive CoQ10, MicroActive resveratrol, arabinogalactan, Riagev (as D-Ribose and vitamin B3), Zanthin natural astaxanthin.


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