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Oak Creek Apple Company Probiotic Magnesium Cream Skin Repair - Midnight Magic


Oak Creek Apple Company

$ 24.00

Magnesium ACV Lotion - Midnight Magic Skin Repair by Oak Creek Apple Company

Non GMO, organic, paraben/pthalate/sulfate/cruelty/chemical/dye free. Packaged in 4 oz glass jars.

All organic, locally-made, lotion made with raw organic apple cider vinegar of the Four Thieves in double strength. Combined with handmade magnesium oil for powerful skin repair. The purest, most nutrient dense, silky smooth, mineral rich, luxurious lotion you've ever slathered on. It's also great for your heart, sleep and muscles! Utilizing the power of infrared light combined with cosmetic grade powdered tourmaline, this is nnEMF protection and mitochondrial nourishment that you wear.

Ingredients (organic/wild-harvested): Magnesium Oil, Vinegar of the Four Thieves, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Plant Based Emulsifying Wax, Cosmetic Grade Powdered Tourmaline 3 mcg, Essential Oils

Tourmaline is a beautiful mineral that is naturally occurring in igneous and metamorphic rock. It has unique properties in relation to electromagnetism it repels non native EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) such as those emitted by your WiFi router or cell phone, and harvests beneficial natural EMFs such as infrared light.

Good for you, good for the planet!


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