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We are honored to be part of this world community where each one of us is involved on an intimate level, contributing to the beauty and peace in the world.
We believe it takes a village, a world village in fact, to live in unified harmony upon this sacred Earth. This deepens and broadens our responsibility and calls each of us to be stewards of peace in every way we can. This can seem very challenging at times when we think of all the ways we are creating beauty and peace in the world and at the same time, to see how easy it is to not uphold the honorable responsibility of upholding peace.
In fact, every moment of the day we have the ability to create: through our thoughts, through our actions, through our words, through our choices, through not acting, not speaking, not thinking or not upholding peace. It really is up to us a what point the responsibility is upheld or not. 
And right now we are all being challenged in many ways, by the growing needs we have in our lives to uphold the conscious responsibility of being human. This awareness, this consciousness is our responsibility and something we consider deeply at ChocolaTree. We genuinely nurture our vision in every action we take in living our lives and stewarding our sanctuary.
Since the birth of Our Sanctuary, ChocolaTree, in January 2009 we have been in support of our vision, and we do our very best to uphold our responsibility as stewards of this sacred responsability.
We have also seen there are other organizations that uphold a deep reverence as stewards upon this earth. We have chosen to donate to these organizations as a way of supporting our vision as well as broadening our reach as it were, to influence a greater level of peace and uphold our vision.
You have the ability to donate to these organizations by visiting their websites, connecting to them personally or by donating here and we will pass the donation onto them.
Thank you for your heartfelt contribution and for upholding the depth of responsibility you have, in bringing more light and healing to this sacred world. 

Mission: To bridge pre-ancient wisdom (when all was in spiritual thought of creation and being prepared for its physical manifestation) with the modern world for the unification of all peoples, to awaken and inspire a conscious and engaged commitment worldwide for Mother Earth Restoration.

Vision: We envision a world of fresh water, clean air, fertile soil and harmony among all peoples, where Life is restored to ecological, social, economic and cultural balance. By 2025 we will have restored the effects brought about by human action in the web of life.

After deep analysis with the Elders of La Sierra on the state of the world and what it will take to reverse the self-destructive path humanity is on, we’ve been led to the conclusion that the only way forward is through awareness in collective consciousness. Thus, the Mother has instructed us to enact the Unification Process — a call to humanity for a worldwide, unified, effort to restore balance for all of life.

For over 40 years, the Elders have independently been in deep spiritual investigation into the root cause of existing divisions (e.g. war, family violence, global warming) within all planetary societies, including their own. They have been questioning why is unification so elusive and therefore life so out of balance?

This disciplined investigation — based in pre-ancient wisdom — resulted in a pathway given by the Mother for healing and bringing life back into balance and harmony. This is achieved through restoring the memory of our original essence as human beings. The Elders speak of this as the recovery of the “Original Seeds” or the Seeds of Wisdom — and that we as humans are the custodians and carriers of this wisdom.

This pathway allows a process that embraces the release of negativity in the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies – as individuals, as communities, as nation-states and as peoples of the Earth. This healing process has the potential to regenerate wholeness within — what they call “internal order” — which will ultimately be reflected in the world we live in (nature). In other words, this pathway resulting in internal order is the foundation for Mother Earth Restoration. 

In recent years, this pathway has been shared worldwide with other indigenous peoples as well as peoples of the modern world and it is proving to be efficacious in the restoration and healing of the human psyche. Therefore — this pathway forwarded by the Four Peoples of the Earth— is a vital component of the Unification Process that is inclusive of all peoples, colors, credos, religions and territories.


Divine Grace Yoga Ashram

is a non-commercial abode of Peace, a sanctuary which supports the way of Peace. I am an instrument of That Divine and steward of the sanctuary. Here we live the Yoga life; meditating and praying, repeating and singing the names of the Divine, studying Shastra (Truth teachings), devoting to and serving the one Divine in all. You are welcome to join with us through peaceful action in the world, online, with a visit, or by participating in one of our gatherings. Thank you, bless you.

- Swami Sankarananda

Lokah Samasha Sukhino Bhavantu 

May all beings be happy and at Peace.
Aum Namo Narayanaya

Salutations to That Divine in the form of Peace.


Divine Grace Yoga Ashram is founded and guided on the principle that all are essentially Divine, and that the highest purpose of our lives is spiritual, not physical; to fully realize and embody this essential Truth in ourselves and in the world around us. We see one glorious and Divine Reality underlying all of the diversity in this universe; one Truth appearing as many, which is of the nature of Silence, Wisdom, Peace and Love, which is the real homeland of all beings. This One shining forth in all of the names and forms is called as Truth, or God, Lord, Allah, Father, Mother, Grandfather, Brahman, Christ, Krishna, Buddha-nature, Zoroaster, Great Spirit, Yahweh, etc. We see Religion, therefore, as the search for self-knowledge, for this One divine inside and out, and the re-uniting with it.

Further we ascribe to the ancient and timeless universal teaching called Sanatana Dharma in the Sanskrit language, and also many other names such as Taoism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Baha’i, etc., and all of the true faith systems, many of which are nameless. We do not ascribe to sectarianism, we choose instead to see the one Truth at the head of all of the sects. We look for the common ground instead of the division; our mission is to unite, not to divide. This faith system does not just describe Truth, but it points out and illumines the various paths to its attainment and it encourages us to attain to our purpose here.


We have faith that each person, according to their own personal path and regardless of their situation in life, has the potential to rise up above their lower nature, above the division and separation which are seen, and take their rightful place in their own highest nature - God nature - of Acceptance, Love, Compassion, Wisdom, Peace and the Eternal Life of Spirit. Thus we see paths of transformation, where the individual moves upward from selfish interest and behavior, exhibited by greed, anger, hatred and competition, to self-lessness, where the life begins to achieve its full potential in compassion-in-action, as a peace-maker through cooperation and service.


Finally, we recognize that suffering born of duality, or separation from God and from our own True nature, is not easy for us to end, but that with enough motivation, supported with teachings, tools, a beneficial environment and one’s own self-effort each individual can find their way out of the state of suffering, coming to know themselves as “in the world, but not of the world”, and to shine as a flawless gem in the qualities of their essential Truth.

Our Mission, then, comes from this Statement of Faith - “Divine Grace Yoga Ashram exists solely as a service to the Divine in all, providing environment, tools and support that we may blossom into our full potential.”

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