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Coconut Ceviche: Refreshing

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3 cups Young Mexican Coconut Meat pieces (or if you prefer Thai young coconut meat)

½ cup Lime Juice

1 cup Golden Onion

1 cup Tomato

1 cup Cucumber

¼ cup Cilantro

½ small jalapeño without seeds (if you are a hot! lover, use the seeds as well)

¼ tsp – ½ tsp Pink Salt

Preparation: Open the coconut, drain the water then take out the meat. (Drink the water if you like, or reference smoothie recipes in this book for other ideas.) Chop the coconut meat and onion into small ½ inch chunks and place into bowl. Dice the jalapeño into very tiny pieces and put in with coconut meat.  Top with lime juice, and salt and stir to homogenize flavors and let sit to marinate while preparing the rest. Next, chop the tomato into ¼ inch chunks, put into separate bowl. Then peel the cucumber, de seed, and cut into ¼ inch chunks and put with tomatoes. Then chop cilantro finely and mix it in with tomato and cucumber. Then mix both bowls contents into serving bowl. Eat now or let marinate for a few hours while kept cold.

To de bitter a cucumber: slice the ends off about ¼ inch from the tip and rub the small cut end to the other side of the large cucumber. You will see the cucumber release a white liquid. Rinse and continue.  

The easiest way to de seed cucumber: after peeling, slice length ways into 2, use a small spoon and scoop out the seeds. (Plant them in your garden if you like, or throw them in with your coconut water your drinking) 


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