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Stress Less ~ Live More! + Green Smoothie Recipe

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How many of us have said something like, “if I had more time, I would do more yoga”? 

Yet, we all know that the more we stick to our practice of daily yoga, the more time we actually seem to have to take care of family, health, career and all the rest.  One reason is that through our yoga practice, we are more energized, more focused, less stressed, less distracted, less addicted and therefore we become more present, productive and efficient. 

In a sense, we actually create more time.

Same can be said for eating healthy.  We all know that the fuel that we use for our bodies is crucial.  And when we burn clean fuel, we feel light, alive, aligned with our highest purpose.  Conversely, when we slip and eat, shall we say, less clean fuel, (you know, chips, fast food subs, candy bars, worse), we feel stagnate, bloated, achy, foggy.  Why then do we still fall into the trap of thinking, “just this once I can eat this stuff, since I’m in a hurry and I’ll make up for it tomorrow by eating healthy”? 

I think one of the main reasons is our illusion about time. 

Perhaps, we are off in our thinking that taking the time to prepare a healthy salad, smoothie or other dish is much more than stopping for a quick coffee and muffin at Starbucks.  Food is medicine. 

Just as yoga creates More Time to do the things you desire to accomplish in your day, so too does eating healthy.  By eating foods that energize us, vitalize us, harmonize us, we have more energy and therefore accomplish more in the process.  Again, we have Created More Time.   However, it may take a bit of practice to get there.

My gift to you is a few easy recipes to assist the stress less process!

3 Minute Green Smoothie


½ Cup Almonds

4 cups Spinach, kale, arugula, chard, celery, cucumber, parsley in any combination you desire or whatever other fresh greens/sprouts you have on hand.

2 Tbs green powder of your choice.

I love Health Force Nutritional’s Vitamineral Green or Spirulina or Sun Potion Chlorella is also excellent

2 Tbs Goji Berries

2 Tbs Mulberries, raisins, or dates

Pinch of salt

4-5 Cups water


Soak your almonds in clean water over night.  You will want to fill the container with water twice as high as the almonds are.  They will soak up a lot of water!

Soak your goji berries in water and your mulberries in a separate container.

You can do all this in less than a minute.

Go to bed now and dream of how you will use your super powers that you will receive from your smoothie consumption tomorrow morning to make the world a more loving place!

In the morning, pour out the almond water and do not use it.  Rinse the almonds and discard that water as well.  Pop the almonds into your Vitamix.

All the other ingredients go into your Vitamix or other high speed blender for 2 minutes.  With my Vitamix, I hardly chop the veggies, if at all.  With other brands you may need to chop them up a bit.

You may also want to adjust the water as all of your greens will contain a different water content.

This recipe will net 2 green smoothie servings.  I usually drink one in the morning and take the rest with me to enjoy throughout the morning.  Sharing with a loved one is also an option.

This recipe is similar to your yoga asanas.  You can read about it, look at the photo, take it all in and say, “This is too much for my level right now”.  Or you can do your best practice on a regular basis and in a short time, what you once thought was difficult is now part of your daily regimen.  Maybe so much that you cannot think of your life without them.  So please do yourself a favor.  Love yourself and spend the energy required to make this a part of your daily practice. 

Also as a personal aside; I like to drink the goji berry water straight in the morning and just add the soaked berries to the smoothie.  This water is like rocket fuel and you will love It!  Or just add it as directed in the recipe, either way, you’ll get the amazing effects!

Throughout the course of the day, when you feel more energy and less stress than you have for months remember what you had for breakfast earlier and be grateful for the love you have for the body!

Om Shanti




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