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"Peace Across the Planet" HolyDay Letter by Ahhmuse

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Happy Holydays friends and Peacemakers!!! 

We adore this time of year, especially Thanksgiving, which sits at the heart of all we offer.  When we are immersed in gratitude, all miracles follow that flow and all is perfect….no matter what the old judgments say. 

This year we brought us all a holyday gift and we are very grateful that it is here for us, all, now.


Back in 1996, we were listening to our Spiritfamilies, who said, “Have a festival where it is not only ok for humans to walk side-by-side with gnomes, faeries, sprites, Elementals etc, it is normal.  And then have a PARTY to celebrate the wonder of life embracing life without unneeded, unkind limits.”
So we did. 

When we said, “Yes!” the magic unfolded.  The Spirits said the festival would on the land, in nature— off-the-grid, and we would offer organic vegan food, without alcohol, without drugs, without caffeine, in short:  without fuel that would discourage our fullest, brightest life-force.

And while we were out there in the field (in the middle of nowhere, in the back woods of MN), we would be surrounded by beautiful entertainment and vendors offering sweet wares and happy kids and people dressed as their favorite Spirit Being…..all choosing to stand up and say,

“We are taking our place as Magical Children of the Earth Mother, with all the others!!!” 



Wow!  Who would ever believe it? 

Well the first person we told the vision to was Mike the Gnome (his real nickname, looooong before we met him), when we ran into him at another festival.  When we ventured forth this crazy idea, he went completely silent—nothing, not even “Oh.”  We just sat in the silence and then he looked up at his with his full, blue, little-kid eyes (though he was, technically, quite a bit older than us), and he didn’t even smile.  He quietly declared, “Of course.  Of course you’ll do that.”  In two sentences he took the wildest thing we could have ever imagined (and actually WE didn’t imagine it) and made it normal.   Just like that.  Easy.  Simple. Done. 

From that moment on, the “Festival of the Little People” lived in our hearts and our bodies, and what a gorgeous love it was.  We started telling other friends.  Michele listened carefully and as soon as we finished, she launched, “Yeah!!!  Why don’t you make it a non-profit?  You can meet at my apartment, every Wed.  I’ll tell everyone.  We’ll have the first meeting Wed night.  You can use my address as the mailing address for the non-profit……….”

That’s how the non-profit, Elementals of Life began, with a few, very willing visionaries who could see the invisible and let it unfold.  From there we got a Board of Directors for EoL and the planning of the “Festival of the Little People” 1997 began.  Yep, it was in the middle of nowhere in a field in Willow River MN.  There were no cell phones, no social media yet, just hand-painted signs, solar power, and a Belgian documentary-maker (using a HUGE camcorder to make our VHS documentary) and a ton of work, 24/7.  

It almost took out some of the Board members.  One of the most stalwart folks who stayed with the vision, quietly and determinedly, was Jennifer Salness.  She was one of the youngest folks involved and a definite introvert, but she was also our first Secretary for Elementals of Life.  She shared the word, everywhere, constantly, even though as a shy person, she may have preferred to not have to talk at all.
Jennifer inspires us more than almost anybody.  It’s really a gift to witness someone tackle their fears (like talking to people) head-on, every day, without fail.  Fast forward to twenty-two years later when we got the current news about Jennifer in a really simple, quiet email.  She told us she had gone to the doctor to get an old growth removed from her chest and she wanted us to send some good vibes. 


Be soft in your body. 
Be welcoming in your heart.  
You think there is so much to do.  
Everything upon the Earth Mother  
tells her story 
spreads her generosity 
shares her cycles of life and death.  
Be soft in your body. 
Be welcoming in your heart.  
You can hear the stories  
when you lean into them. 
When you breathe  
the wisdom and the love  
of all the Earth and her beings  
comes to you on the wind.  
They remind you of how to be  
the oneness 
that you intend  
body and soul.  
Be soft in your body. 
Be welcoming in your heart.”  ​

It did turn out to be skin cancer.  And after they explored more, the doctors found out that it was actually Stage 3 metastasized cancer.  Jennifer opted out of the traditional allopathic remedies and chose to heal through a lot of alternative ways and immunotherapy.   Right now, she’s halfway through those treatments, and a lot of other things, like:  She just moved in with the one love of her life (They just celebrated 2 yrs together) and she’s a step-mom now.  So many things at once. 



If you want to hear about this from Jennifer, check out her GoFundMe account.  As a somewhat shy person, she has learned to channel her heart into words very well, now.   When all of this was unfolding, we heard from the Standing Shivas (btw, they have been speaking a lot more recently.  Listen for yourself….).  They asked us to stand up for Jennifer, just the way she did at the beginning of Elementals of Life. 

Of course we did.  Elementals of Life just paid off the balance due on Jennifer’s GoFundMe account to affirm her courage, to celebrate her faith, and to honor her healing and her spirit.   It is a deep honor and joy to do this.   That’s the gift we offer all of us during the holydays this year.  Everything we have all done has brought fun/ds and magic together to care for the first Secretary of Elementals of Life, and affirming:  Miracles are happening in the everyday world, all the time.

Thanks to us all!  Thanks to the Standing Shivas.  Hello Magic!!!!!  What a time!!!

Marilyn, Tohmas and friends



Elementals of Life,  the non-profit, offers Peace Across the Planet project-related products for sale. Monies collected from these products are invested towards the costs of bringing the Shiva Lingams to their locations around the planet, and to support ongoing updates to this website as an educational and inspirational resource for all who are drawn here and to also bring more Shivas here from India to offer to new Intent Holders. Monies given to EoL for the purchase of products is not tax-deductible because according to IRS rules, if you receive an item in return for your money then the money is not tax-deductible.  Donations would need to be above and beyond the selling price of the item or simply as a stand-alone donation in order for those monies to be tax-deductible for you.


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