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Rainbow Bliss Botanicals, Tincture, Smokeless Future, 2oz


$ 29.00


Addiction Support:

  • An intentional liquid extract for providing relief and lung rejuvenation when cutting back or cutting out Nicotine! Great for reducing irritability and satisfying oral fixation….

Ingredients: 100% organic Passiflora leaf & vine, fresh Borage flower & foliage (for Lung Yin), Lobelia inflata leaf, Hyssop leaf, Acorus calamus root, Wild Dagga (Leonotis leonurus) Wild oats (Avena sativa), fresh & organic ginger root, vibrational flower essence of Arizona Nicotiana trygonophylla, organic cane alcohol, organic vegetable glycerine, distilled water.

Instructions: To stop cravings (in the name of love!), take 2-3mL in a cup of warm water or under the tongue 3xs/day. 

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