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Pure India Foods, Hing Asafoetida Powder

Pure India Foods

$ 16.00

Pure India Foods, Hing Asafoetida Powder

20g Glass Bottle, Gluten-Free

Hing is made from the dried resin of a giant-fennel plant. It is essential to Indian cooking and pleasantly aromatic and pungent raw. It becomes mellow and garlicky when cooked in ghee. Hing is a wild-crafted product and organic certification is not available. Other spices are cultivated by farmers and go through the organic certificate process. This really is the best hing, and most aromatic hing that you can buy. It comes from the dried resin of a plant from the fennel family. Traditionally, hing has been used as a digestive aid, added to legumes (beans and peas) and gas-producing vegetables. It is Raw, Non-GMO, and Non-Irradiated.

This hing powder is 8-10 times stronger than most compound hing powder sold in grocery stores.

INGREDIENTS: Asafoetida (Hing), edible gum. Absolutely nothing else added. Batch-tested Gluten-Free.

Our pure aromatic raw hing contains only the minimum amount of edible gum (Gum arabic) to make an easy-to- use powder. Edible gum is the hardened sap of acacia trees.

No anti-caking agents added. Lumps may form, which is natural and normal.

Sourced from: India


Make Aloo Gobi using hing spice HERE

Gluten-Free Non-GMO Non-Irradiated Whole30 Approved Wild-crafted

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