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Adaptovitalifuel/ Sol Terra Original Formula, 8oz

Space of Love Foods

$ 44.00

Nutrient dense mesquite pod flour ( the ground mesquite bean flour not the bark, that's what my mom thought too) Meets wild crafted super tonic Chinese herbs, chlorella and cacao. Designed for everything from endurance sports to daily activities for everyone.


Throw a heaping tablespoon into your favorite warm or cold liquid. Day or Night

Non gmo, Soy free, No garbage sugar, Dairy free


Wild mesquite pod flower, organic chlorella, raw organic cacao powder. 10:1 extracts of wild chaga fruiting body, reishi fruiting body a, astragalus, rhodiola, cordyceps, magnolia bud, gynosthema, ophiopogon, eleuthero, shilajit, bamboo leaf, lohan quo, Redmond real salt

About Space Of Love

Our vision :

 We're not just another company, creating another product, to put on another shelf, in another store, in another town. From the ground up, every aspect of this company has the ultimate betterment of all of humanity and the entire Earth at the forefront. the days of business as usual need to come to an end. The needs of humanity and the environment must come first, uncompromisingly, unremittingly. To make money off of the tattered back of the environment enslaves us all to a dead future. We all want a better future. We all want a better world. We all want better options. And here we are.

So what are we doing? Everything possible to actually make our Vision a living reality. Seriously, everything we can do. That's not just hyperbole. When we're presented with choices, we choose the one that benefits all, not just the few and not just someone's wallet.

We foster our Vision through the following practices. Sourcing only the highest quality ingredients that are produced using ecologically and humanely sound practices and locally when available. Our packaging is made currently from recycled plastic and paper which can be recycled many times over. We were using omni-degradable packaging previously but I realized I was just sending expensive packaging to the landfill. I have added it to my compost but most people won't, let's be real. Please find your local recycling facility who is going to make sure that it does just that! Being fully committed to ethical and totally transparent decision making. Educating the public about Holistic Wellness, Regenerative Business Models, and Environmental Stewardship.

So, our products are crazy energizing. But that's not it. We've formulated these to give you energy now and have super revitalizing, restorative and healing effects into the long term. We're all about being fully in the present in the now in order to create the best possible future. We want our consumers to not just have the fuel for the task at hand but to be able to experience lasting nourishment with no toxic side effects from ingredients that people can't even pronounce! Speaking of which, you may not be able to pronounce the names of some of our ingredients! However! That is because their names are in another language, not because they were fabricated in a laboratory.

Who the hell normally knows where their ingredients are coming from or how they're being grown? We are in contact with real human beings producing real, pure ingredients from verified clean sources. Yes, our herbs are coming largely from China, which has a reputation for unclean products. We have obtained sources that have been verified by us to be clean. You are aware aren't you that the US's organic certification process is corrupt and in no way guarantees cleanliness or quality. If we didn't have clean sources we wouldn't be wasting our time pursuing this, for your sake, and ours. When we can source locally, we absolutely do. Our honey currently is from a very local apiary who doesn’t farm their bees to California and doesn't feed the bees corn syrup through the winter, thus supporting healthy bee populations and agriculture in the Verde Valley. As we expand, we will be sourcing honey from various small apiaries as close to home as possible.

In the cycles of life, consumers are also producers. In current economic systems the consumer is forced to be a producer of trash. We are choosing packaging that allows consumers to be producers of soil. Our compostable packaging can be tossed into home compost systems so that they will be turned into soil with no adverse effects.

We are not claiming that our production is free from destructive methods or moral dilemma. So why are we doing this? We could just take a false moral high ground, go isolate ourselves, minimize personal consumption, and turn our backs to the needs of the global community. Any socio-political economic movement is going to be utilizing destructive and harmful resources. We're just putting them into service of a life where they are no longer necessary. What we ARE saying is that we are committed to making the most ethical choices available, being transparent about these choices, researching even more ethical possibilities, and utilizing these options when they are available.

Now, how will we work towards making the world a better place? Well, the end goal of this entire enterprise is to rapidly and effectively remediate a multitude of planet and people systems. Acquiring lands to remediate and reforest for families to create their own Spaces of Love is the way we see this movement taking root.

Concepts. Our culture is filled with them. They are for the most part conditioned by those with money for the end result of getting more money. There is a small contingency of people out there who are willing to break the mold and help forge new ways of doing things. But this small contingency does not yet have the means to affect the change they want to see. So! What in the world would make us believe that we're any different!? Simply, our passion for wanting access to a different way of living and to be able to offer a different way of living to those who can't afford it or don't know that it can exist, is our driving force. One way we're going to do this is through educating people from all paths of life about the expanded number of ways of doing this. One concept is Holistic wellness. What this means to us is physical health and environmental health. We cannot have healthy individuals without a healthy planet. They are inseparable. To address one without the other is…not Holistic! To consider one without the whole is not Holistic. Every decision we make has the whole in mind. Another concept: Regenerative business models, previously known as Sustainable businesses. In Regenerative business models, we're talking not just breaking even or being carbon neutral, but actually leveraging any capital, surplus, or abundance into further revitalizing earth and people systems. Making the focus and priority of the business the creation of flourishing environments and communities. Our commitment to this is that we will channel at least 50% of profits to Regenerative projects. Environmental Stewardship is another concept that is often misused or misunderstood. This is not just another buzzword for us to flout. What it means to us is that we are just that. Stewards of the environment. The earth comes first. It is not an afterthought when making decisions. We are responsible for not just maintaining, but actively assisting and supporting the processes of nature.

Are you still reading this?? We almost didn't make it to the end ourselves! Seriously though, we're serious about this. We are not just spouting hot air and lofty concepts. We want to support you and the earth as much you support us. And we would love and value your feedback and accountability. Thank you, bee well.

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