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"A beacon of light in a town already bright. A peaceful sanctuary. It is very apparent here they care." --Reiki Rob

"Delicious, creative, wonderful art, loved the music. Thank you for the moment!" --Oihana G.

"Most unique expression of nourishment in all ways always." --Erin P.

"Absolutely the fantastictestish place on Earth!" --Ken R.  

"The mint-infused water provides the feeling of a re-birth. A new beginning!" --Jessica F.

"The hidden jewel of Sedona!" -- Hank C.

"I drive up almost weekly from Phoenix to enjoy the delicious food and relaxing environment." -- Alan S.  

"Food in ChocolaTree is a beautiful art work, feeding all my senses! -- A.J.

"When I eat at ChocolaTree, I come alive!" --Adrienne S.  

"Nourishment from the root up!" --Rachel R.

"Your food is the most energizing and satisfying food in Sedona!" -- Ben B.  

"ChocolaTree oh ChocolaTree oh how I wish you had your chocolate growing on your trees!" --Jennifer P.

"I'm not a vegetarian, but your Ethiopian stew was stunningly delicious!" -- Noah P.

"Soulful food from loving souls!" --Randy F.

"One of my favorite places to be. Straight up magic!" --Holly A.

"What a lovely slice of heaven! The garden is peaceful, beautiful, and home for my heart. Yum!" --Nicole

"A peaceful retreat that calls your soul and pleases the palate!" --Lainey

"Quality and taste of food and atmosphere is unparalleled!" --Preston M.

"Great vibes, wonderful food, lovely people who own, work and eat here!" --Suzanne

"Food that makes you feel every cell in your body being nourished when you eat!" --Carissa O.

"Being fulfilled by a meal and not bursting through the seams, HAPPY!" --Aaron A.

"The only place I will eat other than my own kitchen! Good job ChocolaTree!" --Lotus

"ChocolaTree offers our community a wide variety of spiritually alive edibles!" --Gabby

"The food is healthy, flavorful, filling, and colorful. Pleasantly impressed, plus gluten free!" --Aspen C.

"The food is fabulous! I love the ginger lemonade with a wheatgrass shot. I always feel energized and happy after eating here!" -- Kimberly D.

"You expect chocolate, but you receive so much more!" --Larry I.

"Sedona's best kept secret!" --Brenda

"It is THE epic hub for nutrition and lifestyle. I feel high every time I come here!" --David K.  

"Food for the body, mind and heart. Deeply nourishing. ChocolaTree is a place to love!" --Whitney

"Like a powerful vortex, ChocolaTree has become a global hot spot for conscious cuisine and cafe experience!" -- Amalia C.

"I love this place! I find such utter contentment, love and nourishment here. Thank you! Blessings to you!" --Becky F.

"My favorite restaurant in the entire world, truly!" --Siva

"ChocolaTree is our favorite place in Sedona. The food is magical and the vibe is unreal!" --Ruben C.  

"ChocolaTree Haven is the one and only place in Sedona I feel amazing eating out in, and my children love it just as much as I do!" --Samantha S.

"One heart, one Love! Thank you to ChocolaTree for the exquisite food and friends!" --Lane B.   

"The ChocolaTree has become a home for some and a haven for many!" --Keely B.

"A chocolate retreat for the soul!" --Anne B.  

"An oasis for calming and replenishing the spirit!" --Peggy C.

"I am so grateful for this healing space and food!" --Ashleigh B.  

"Relaxing, peaceful garden! Invigorating food!" --Sally S.

"Divine, decadent food for the soul! The one and only restaurant for me!" --Gabby   

"The most relaxing place in town, and delicious food!" --Maia

"As the holistic food works it magic within, chance encounters in the garden bring us new friends!" --Alo

"Beautiful place and lovely atmosphere!" --Francisco A.

"The ChocolaTree is a magical place that goes beyond satisfying your appetite. It's nourishment for the soul. Thank you for doing what you do!" --Beverly K.

"Serene, peaceful, tranquil place to meditate and enjoy other's company!" --Wendy R.

"Holding beautiful space for food magic to unfold!" --William M.

"Lovely energy and gluten free heaven!" --Heather S.

"Philosopher's elixir with 8 immortals and a side of galactic butterfly! Need I say more?" --Robert E. 

"I might eat here every day of my vacation!" --Kate I.

"Your space makes my heart sing! One day I will have a portal from my room to your garden!" --Morgyn V.   

"From the moment we pulled into the parking lot, we knew we were in heaven!" --Joanna Y.

"By far the best food of any restaurant anywhere - amazing!" -- Will

"Very nice people, food and energy in this sacred spot!" -- Jay L.

"ChocolaTree is a nexus point for conscious community to join over the most delicious vegan cuisine ever!" --Jen S.

"A powerful and phenomenal journey with a twist of awesomeness!" --Patrick N.

"Delicious food, amazing art gallery and environment! Very earthy!" --Hanna

"ChocolaTree is the living essence of the new, harmonious, yummy and healthy earth!" --Bridget N.  

"Amazing food that raises your consciousness!" --Princess C.

"I am most grateful to be a part of this loving legend by just stepping on to the grounds here!" --Alison K.  

"Enlightened food! Enlighten your body, mind and spirit!" --Edgar F.

"A lovely spot to spend time, and delicious iced chai!" --Lillian H.

"Peaceful, happy, delicious place to eat!" --Dia Q.

"This place makes me incandescently happy!" --Mary M.

"You are what you eat! Chocolate is alive!" --Ariella M.

"Best experience ever! As someone with allergies to everything, this is heaven!" --Chelsie M.

"There is simply no other place like the ChocolaTree. I perpetually rave about it!" --Renea A.

"ChocolaTree nourishes the entire soul in such delightful ways!" --Julia

"ChocolaTree provides the most nutritional, spiritual, and delectable food and service I've ever had!" --Steve W.

"I've walked into a delicious Shangri-La! Thank you for the delightful, healthy tastebud extravaganza!" --Jolene H.

"Fairy magic infuses not only the delicious food but the whole environment!" --Eliza K.

"Pure radiance whirling, vibrating, spiraling around my tummy!" --Max G.

"Thank you for a delicious, unique and healthy meal!" --Marcel N.

"I'm a world wide traveler and this restaurant offers the best selection I've ever had. Especially the chocolates- fabulous!!" --Robie D.

"The magic is in the details. No shortcuts, no substitutes- the real deal. A love bliss bomb!!" --Will E.

"Feel like i fell into the garden of Eden. Great food and ambiance." --William R.

"My tummy is singing!" --Ang P.

"The food and loving people are rejuvenating and filled with magic-true to Sedona." --Melissa B.

"Best chocolate ever!"--Ilan C.

"delicious!!! So happy you had space for my kids to play." --Molly S.

"Everyone is very friendly here and I love the opportunity to eat such healthy food." --Barbara W.

"Food for our souls." --Arlene O.

"The garden's the best." --Nora

"Heart opening soul food!" --Tara A.

"Amazing food each visit. We love to sit on the back patio and just zen out!" --Christy H.

"So delicious and nutritious. A place of revival and rejuvenation." --Elspeth R.

"Vibrant, happy food served by vibrant, happy employees." --Gabrielle

"I wish a place like this existed in every American city. Magical." --Julia B.

"Outstanding!" --John

"My favorite restaurant by far. Thank you." --Bara

"Absolutely love this place! Best food, atmosphere, and people in all of Arizona!" --Amal H.

"First time customers. We'll be back!" --Aaron D.

"It's magically delicious!" --Hollie C.

"I have had the best meals of my life at Chocolatree. Never miss it when I'm in town." --Jen K.

"Chocolatree is a sublime experience. Magic abounds." --Kasandra J.

"Friendliest, most knowledgeable staff and food from heaven." --Rachel M.

"I introduced a meat-eating friend to Chocolatree and they've seen the light!" --Emily C.

"The most beautiful and enchanting place to eat I have encountered to date." --Dyanna S.

"Chocolatree is my favorite place to eat/be in Sedona. Love you all." --Brian H.

"A place filled with love- filled our hearts and our bodies." --Mindy K.

"The best place to eat in Arizona!" --Marsha H.

"My favorite restaurant on planet earth. A truly magical place." --Shane D.

"Being a vegan can be challenging, Chocolatree makes it way too easy!" --Kristin H.

"Good karma explodes at Chocolatree." --Michael F.

"This place instantly opens you up to accept positivity and peace and the food leaves you elevated and satisfied." --Danielle H.

"I moved to Sedona because of Chocolatree and the great people." --James O.

"This is my favorite restaurant in the world. And I've traveled a lot." --Tovia

"Food that nourishes the body, mind, and spirit...not to mention it's freakin' delicious." --Sean M.

"Absolutely the best! Feeds my spirit!" --Susan D.

"Delights the senses and elevates your consciousness!" --Iskra V.

"The BEST place to eat in Sedona hands down!!!" --Paige H.

"The service was super awesome. The best vegan restaurant I've been to. Thanks!" --Victoria A.

"Best chocolate in the world!!!" --Angie T.

"Most amazing raw chocolate in the world!" --Brandi S.

"I'm loving this all organic gluten free meals. I'm gluten/lactose free and enjoy this delicious food and the products." --Erika B.

"Delectably delicious!" --Leila T.

"Wonderful garden dining." --Mark W.

"Best food in town." --Tom C.

"One of our favorite places to eat in the world! We eat here every time we come to Sedona." --Carole F.

"Your raw foods make me feel alive!" --Dean

"Amazing, vibrant, tasty food and a relaxing, peaceful garden. S real gem!" --Jeanette S.

"The foods activated taste buds I have never experienced before." --Clarissa M.

"Love the healthy food, great music and ambiance! Looking forward to spring in your garden setting." ~Mark W.

"I love the atmosphere, the home-y family feeling, the smiles, hugs, books, sunny back "yard" & hammocks!! Thank you for being a welcoming, caring, home-y restaurant!" ~Erika H.

"Thank God for organic food at the ChocolaTree!" ~Marty L.

"LOVE the taste and textures, and the light feeling after. Food that makes you feel radiant!" ~Pash G.

"This place is a gem full of hearty, delicious and nurturing food, this place warms the heart and satisfies the stomach. Visited twice during our trip and will surely be back again." ~Pauline V.

"A peaceful, relaxing, wholesome & hearty place to eat fresh, refreshing foods and rejuvenate yourself!" ~Joseph C.

"Unique, clean, fresh, whimsical, and inviting. So happy to have stumbled upon this place in my cross country travels!" ~Heather M.

"My heart opens every time I come through the door. This place is Love in its most raw, perfect form. Thank you." ~Maris C.

"Love everything about ChocolaTree!" ~Susan G.

"Delicious, organic, and live foods. Welcoming and warm." ~Evelyn V.

"Every dish is delish! Can taste the love... Food has vibrations from above!" ~Rosemary B.

"Every time I come to Sedona I am here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Can I move in yet?" ~Lily K.

"The atmosphere of ChocolaTree is invigorating & inspirational!" ~Rosie M.

"Uplifting, rejuvenating and relaxing all at once!" ~Teri L.

"Thank you so much for serving such love filled food! I love you!" ~Taylor T.

"Constant flux but the Love remains. <3 Thanks Arbe de Chocolat!" ~Balam B.

"My favorite restaurant to eat. So much love put into the food." ~Ryan S.

"I am pregnant & I know my baby & I were in complete heaven after our meal! SOOOO YUMMY!!" ~Shannon M.

"Real food!" ~George S.

"The first place I can order anything on the menu - completely vegan/gluten-free :)" ~Allison H.

"ChocolaTree is like coming home to myself. And I love your chai!" ~Kristi

"My first time here... I wanted to try almost everything on the menu." ~Tammi A.

"Joyful food for the soul!" ~Tara D.

"Everything I eat here. It is high vibrating & clean. Thank you!" ~Ivis R.

"I feel like I'm floating! Thank you! XOXO" ~Claire M.

"Everything is made with love & it comes through, from the water to the chocolates. Thank you for that & loving us, and our earth all at once." ~Laura T.

"Thank you to your fabulous staff for taking care of me. Their sweet spirits were refreshing and the gentle nature of your shop was healing." ~Audrey

"Everything I have had has been wonderful.  I love getting an assortment of chocolates and eating them, along with a great ChocolaTree beverage, in the back garden.  I live in Flagstaff and love getting away to Sedona to hike.  I always make time to visit the ChocolaTree as a treat.  Truly an oasis in the red rock desert."  --Trent, Flagstaff, AZ

"Chocola Tree is my idea of Heaven! - Totally nourishing on every level. I only wish I lived in Sedona" --Natalie, UK.

"I loved the music, the breeze. The sound of the water all blended beautifully with my meal. The food made me happy. Thank you! I tasted the love in it." --Catalina H.

"I love that I can order anything on the menu. Loved the wraps and the black bean stew." --Stephanie S.

"Very nourishing, healing, and healthy. Kind and loving staff. Amazing selection of vegan food! LOVE IT!!" --Fran S.

"I have eaten at healthy restaurants all over the world. Chocolatree is, hands down, simply the best!" --K.C. B. NL

"Amazing food made with love, awesome music, and awesome chocolate! Thank you! Also, so cool to have a hammock to rest on." --Diane L.

"Thank you for having both gluten free and vegan food!" --Rose C.

"ChocolaTree is a magical oasis and fills my soul." --Tally NL

"I chose to have lunch here every day during my time on a soul adventure (I'm local) because of the peaceful, safe, healthful environment. I feel blessed everytime I come here, and am grateful we have this haven in Sedona for residents and the world." --Judy M.

"Talk about stumbling upon a gem! A lovely man greeted us and was very helpful. Food was superb and I feel so alive when I eat live food (=:. Thank you for being so classy." --Anastasia H.

"One of the best vegan restaurants in Arizona and southern California." - Roger R.

"I'm wandering around with my jaw dropped. Feeling like I am so at peace and connected" --Christina R.

"I just love this place!" --Tim T.

"Made my vegan-resistant husband and daughter excited about returning." --Taucia G.

"Always my first and last stop when I visit Sedona. Love it!" --Jenelle B.

"Great energy from the food, the staff, and the environment!" --Lisa M.

"We LOVE this place. Thank you for all that you do. Keep up the good work -- such an inspiration." --Maryam B.

"ChocolaTree is delicious! We were here for 3 days and we came every day! Keep up the amazing work!" --Ana M.

"You guys are awesome! The staff, the food, the medicine and the energy! As I walk in your door, my senses become full…And not too long after, my tummy (: yum yum yum" --Foster H.

"I love your service! So friendly and welcoming, I feel like I have been given a ton of positive energy to carry with me and spread for the rest of my day! (heart)" --Bailey

What is your favorite thing about Chocolatree?

Avo Herb Sandwich
"Savory and satisfying…mmm! heart, heart, heart, Thank you! --Meghan C.

"Banana Bread & almond butter. OMG." ~Mary M.

"Banana Bread with almond butter - I love the dense richness of the bread mixed with the freshness of the almond butter." ~Eva D.

"The Black Bean Chili: well-balanced, hearty, and delicious!" ~Kevin G.

"Maca Butterfly - it made my tummy flutter." ~Elizabeth R.

"After placing a Saffrosia in my mouth, my taste buds came alive and started dancing causing an an explosion of bliss throughout my mouth. Thank you for the delicious treats!" --Todd C.

"The coconut cream chocolate was (is) the most divine taste bud experience ever. Thank you." ~Terra R.

"Sloppy kiss - XOXO - It's simply wonderful! <3 " ~Laurel L.

"I love your Tiramisu. I live 2 hours away and I drive here just for that!! It's amazing!" --Cameron A.

"Chocolate chip cookies! They are the perfect snack! Great consistency, rich, bittersweet flavor! And wonderful price <3" ~Whitney A.

"The kombucha was so delicious, I could taste how full of love it was."--Nina A.

"Real chocolate milk! Best tasting chocolate milk I ever tasted. (:"--Nguyet H.

"Top of the list of must-do's every trip! Great food…great atmosphere…YUM!" --Sandy V.  

"The tonics are AMAZING as well as the chocolate,,,the love the fusion of herbs into the chocolates, like maca and bee pollen, etc. Amazing stuff!"--Richard M.

"The Heart On is so wonderful! Every time I visit Sedona I get one." --Jeffrey K.

"The Heart On to go! I want to have one of these every day forever! Pure nourishment! Thanks for the high standards and creativity you feed our souls with square multidimensional inch of your place. You guys are the best!…Everything we have had here has been superb. Thank you for being here for two traveling explorers." --Sarah and Joseph  

"Heart On - Spicy chocolate tonic set all my prayer wheel chakras spinning into balance." ~Randall C.

"The Ginger Lemonade is extraordinary. Bold. Refreshing. Far Out!! Wow!" ~Bob W.

"Hot Chocolate OMG! Smooth, sensual, creamy, rich & delicious! Thank you!" ~Cherie M.

"Dance to the Beets juice... The name of the juice spoke to me... The color made me smile & after hiking all morning, on the 'practical side' it felt really really good to drink!! Thank you <3" ~Kate A.

"The Ginger Lemonade is sweet & spicy & just right. Yum!" ~Teri P.

"Philosopher's Elixir - so tasty! So healthy! So energizing!" ~Dean W.

"Hot chai was SO delicious, SO warming. Also the soups warmed me to the bone!" ~Grace H.

"Loved the Adaptogenic Tea & Philosopher's Elixir." ~Veronica W.

"Heart On! This work of art is TRUE perfection! It is absolutely delicious and beyond nutritious! I can feel it affect me at a cellular level and I am so very grateful for your amazing commitment to all that you do! ChocolaTree overflows with love and purity and abundance!!! You bring joy to my heart on! (and tummy, of course :) )" ~Susan K.

"Philospher's Elixir: This drink is like the clouds from above, descended from the heavens, to dance on & tickle my tongue with delight." ~Katie M.

"Lemon and ginger drink, so strong & refreshing with a great zing." ~Vivienne C.

"Adaptogenic hot beverage - long live the fungi!" ~Emily G.

"Go green beats all Sedona smoothies." ~Nathan

"Loved the Heart-On! So many different exotic flavors, spicy & rich. A must have!" ~John P.

"Green Goddess Salad - nourishes & enlivens my body on all levels." ~Erin

"Green Goddess was perfect! The different ingredients were exploding in my mouth!" -- Y.J.

"I loved the grilled cheese! Not like grandma made. Even better!" --Sharon M.

"I loved the Mediterranean Wrap, especially the bread." --Carmen C.

"The Mediterranean Wrap was so nourishing! Fed my body, and my soul." --Jennifer B.

"I make a point to come here for the Mediterranean Wrap, even if it's out of my way - I live in Tucson, but I love visiting this area. I love the Med Wrap because it is always so fresh and flavorful, but not so heavy that I can't hike the great red rocks afterward! I always recommend ChocolaTree to my friends visiting Sedona." ~Nicole H.

"Superfood Porridge was yummy in my tummy and super filling." ~Paul N.

The Sampler plate for 2 was delicious. Raw crackers were tasty, never tried them before." --Inna

"Chia Crackers - most amazing ever!" ~Jeanne N.

"Nori nachos: Nori is good for you, but hard to work with. This is a superb rendition of nori!!! Thank you!" ~Thaw

"Hearty and creamy. The quinoa tasted amazing. The combo of veggies = outstanding." --Nadaa T.

"I loved the Sedona 2012. The produce was delicious; guacamole was really tasty…a total success!" --Josh P.

"The Sedona 2012 was hearty, delicious, well presented and already a favorite. I might order it every time! HaHa! Thanks!" --Raven H.

"I loved the Sedona 2012 wrap. The combination of flavors dazzled my palate and made me smile." ~Karyn S.

"2012 wrap - comfort food meets healthy organic." ~Shawn C.

"I was transported to Bali when my spoon hit my mouth." --Catalina H.

"I loved the coconut soup, it was invigorating!" --Kate M.

"Holy moly - the thai coconut soup is amazing!" ~Margo M.


"Sweet potato stew was fab! Warmed my tummy and gave me the courage(!) to drive back to Phoenix." --Laura G.

"Veggie Burger - the burger was an adventure for my taste buds, chased down by the incredible sauce... Orgasmic." ~Mitch M.

"Best gluten-free waffle we've ever had! All menu items were awesome!" -- Jessica S.

"Buckwheat waffles with honey, chocolate syrup, and coconut creme - so amazing and delicious! Every bite brought a smile to my heart." ~Belinda H.

"Waffle! The wet, creamy chocolate, coconut cream & honey mixture melts in my mouth! Thanks you! <3" ~Samantha L.

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