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The Mother Earth Restoration Trust Coffee

Now exclusively available at Chocolatree Organic Oasis, we offer this exquisite coffee with thanks to The Mother Earth Restoration Trust, grown in what is known as the Heart of the World, La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. This area is home to the native American Tayrona culture; consisting of the Kankuamo, Wiwa, Arhuaco and Kogui (called the “Four Peoples of the Earth").

We now roast these sacred whole beans in-house, with honor, to benefit the process of restoration seeded in the bean itself.

Your interaction with this Coffee:

  • 52% of coffee revenues generated from orders placed through the ChocolaTree complements the communities in the Heart of the World persevering in processes to assure the permanence of their cultural identity by living coherently with pre-ancient norms as they carefully tend to each stage of the coffee.
  • This model allows support to nourish other Mother Earth Restoration Trust Initiatives, which embrace the entire world, guided by Mother Earth and brought forth by Ancestral Authorities of La Sierra.

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ChocolaTree supports this initiative brought forth from The Mother Earth Restoration Trust. 

From: The Mother Earth Restoration Trust (the MERT)

Recovering the Original, Spiritual Essence of Coffee for this Present Moment in Time...

Coffee is another child of the Mother Earth, who calls out for Unity in collective consciousness as She interacts with peoples of the Earth in all corners of the world. In doing so, the urgent call for the Mother´s restoration and the restoration of Her Original Rights to Her Natural Constitution will permeate into the awareness of humanity where a strong unified volition will manifest into concrete actions.

-August 2016 consultations with The Mother in the Heart of the World carried out by The Four Peoples of the Earth. 


The Coffee - A Specialty

The Coffee is likened to a homeopathic remedy which helps remind us of our ONENESS, serving to bring us back into UNITY as peoples of the Earth.  Each plant is cultivated with cultural and spiritual values that preserve the sacred balance of Nature and sustain life on the planet. 

Coffee is abundant in certain regions of La Sierra and is much sought after in the world market for its distinctive qualities. This handpicked, shade-grown, bird-friendly, natural and wild Coffee derives its unique characteristics from the diversity of its surroundings. The coffee we will be working with from this region is sought after for its bright flavours and clean palate. This strain of Tipica Coffee is “naturally” grown and interacts in its respective ecosystem through the principles of reciprocity, or complimentary relationships; in other words without pesticides and without harming the environment.  In essence, it is another vital element of the ecosystems of La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta that helps sustain the diverse range of flora and fauna.

Entering the world of Coffee considered special in the way of quality, is only possible with careful and precise attention to detail in every step of the production process. To assure all of the attributes in taste, aroma and body the Coffee acquires as it interacts with the diverse array of flora, the ideal Coffee beans are selected in the moment they are picked. In order to assure an excellent cup, this careful attention continues throughout the entire process: depulping, washing, storage, dehulling, transporting and roasting.     

Unique Difference in the Industry

The MERT Coffee is a unique model centered on infusing humanity's collective consciousness with the remembrance of our sacred responsibility in Nature, while making those (growers) in the productive end of the industry the principal beneficiaries of the profits it generates. Abundance and prosperity to the peoples cultivating Coffee in a way that enhances the ecosystems they are part of, assures a perpetual cycle of wellbeing for all involved. Thus, this Coffee constitutes an initiative devoted to societal, cultural and environmental restoration for the safe keeping of our Mother Earth.  

Outlook for this Coffee Initiative within The MERT

As we look into the future development of the initiative, we are beginning to harvest the benefits of cultivating trust in our relationships with growers in communities committed to the principles and values of Care of the People and Care of the Earth.  This allows us to deepen our work for restoration in other regions of Colombia that need it, while giving us the possibility of a wider variety of specialty Coffees. 

Our Commitment

To be a model based on inclusion, cooperation, dialogue and reciprocity, for harmonious relationships in our partnership with Mother Earth. Ultimately, we are creating a company that surges in the local and global economy whose identity is based on Care of the People and Care of the Earth. We integrate all participating members through a cohesive relationship model that will enrich our individual and collective existence. Our Coffee will always be insured throughout the process and our impeccability to service will guarantee full traceability of every bean.

Our Coffee initiative is founded on complementary relationships with producers; providing social and financial stability for community members, while ensuring quality and consistency in the Coffee bean. The fostering of this relationship will create opportunities for sustainability in this endeavor and will make us one of the leading suppliers of Coffee from this region.  

The Impact 

In an unprecedented moment in Human History, the Peoples of the Earth from La Sierra and all over the world call upon Humanity to assure a transformed global society that leaves a legacy for all our Children of clean Air, pure, fresh Water, fertile Soil and Harmony in the Human Spirit.

In the realm of business worldwide, this implies evolving our economic system into a regenerative, organic model that mimics Nature. Like the leaves that fall from a tree to enrich the soil where it is rooted, this is an opportunity to be a part of our exemplary model designed to return revenues back to the communities of La Sierra, and eventually others, to help them achieve economic autonomy for the peoples and for sustainability in preserving the Heart of the World. Autonomy means independence to mitigate modern developments at the base of the mountain that affect ancient cultural practices and threaten their way of life. 

Your interaction with this Coffee:

  • 52% of the funds from your contributions go to support the communities (so they can continue to preserve their cultural identity by living coherently with pre-ancient norms as they carefully tend to each stage of the coffee).

  • This model allows support to nourish other Mother Earth Restoration Trust Initiatives, which embrace the entire world, guided by Mother Earth and brought forth by Ancestral Authorities of La Sierra.

Our Mission
To bridge pre-ancient wisdom (when all of Creation was in spiritual thought and was being prepared for its physical manifestation) with the modern world for the unification of all peoples, to awaken and inspire a conscious and engaged commitment worldwide for Mother Earth Restoration.
Our Vision
We envision a world of fresh Water, clean Air, fertile Soil and Harmony among all peoples, where Life is restored to ecological, social, economic and cultural balance. By 2035 we will have restored the effects brought about by human action in the Web of Life.



Now a Word From our Roaster:
"This precious seed had first arrival in the states in April/May of 2016. 
The current harvest was sorted several times and graded to a blended size 16-18, which translates to Excelso / Supremo in the Colombian system.
I learned to roast in a way that preserves the inherent flavor of the coffee's origin and processing method. Hence I rarely take any coffee past the second crack and into the land of "dark" roasts like French, Italian, and Espresso roasts where the coffee will end up tasting burnt, smoky, roasty, and bitter. There's nothing wrong with dark roasts for those who prefer their coffee that way, I personally don't think it honors the amount of energy, time, and care that the People put into their coffee (and the same for other farmers around the world who care deeply about their land and their labor) to roast out the very essence of the bean.
With that said, the predominant characteristics I've noticed while cupping and drinking the People's coffee over the years is that of an exceedingly smooth (aka buttery), medium-bodied mouthfeel with identifiable (to me) notes of hazelnut and raw cacao in perfect keeping with the Tree's offering of chocolate. The coffee always presents as balanced and sweet, with a lingering sweetness even as it cools in the cup. The fragrance emitted when grinding it reminds me of the Butterfinger candy bars my Grandpa loved and shared with me as a child. Feel free to insert your own experience here. Mine is inescapably linked to a wonderful time in life, even if I haven't had a Butterfinger in decades. ;) 
As for brewing, this part is of course very important to meeting the expectations I just set. To that point, it’s also the most crucial element not in a roasters control. Let’s start with water… Perfect coffee water is free from chemicals (no chlorine, no fluorine, etc.), so it must be filtered, but it also must have a good balance of minerals (the hardness provided by calcium, magnesium, etc) to bond with the acids in the coffee during extraction, and bring out the fullest flavor.
I prefer to use a pour over method when I brew coffee, making one cup at a time with a Melitta, or Hario V60 style of brewer, and a quality paper filter. Because the coffee is a true medium roast—removed from the roaster and cooled well before the start of second crack (please refer to Google for more information on first crack and second crack in coffee roasting)—the grind is a bit finer than a dark roast, which extracts more easily due to the roasting process breaking down more of the cellular integrity. I aim for the consistency of table salt with the grind size. My pour over method usually takes about 3.5 minutes to finish, if it’s less than 3 minutes, then I’ll use a courser grind next time. More than 4, and the grind needs to be finer.
If you’re using a french press, or other immersion style method to brew the coffee, again err on the side of a finer grind (as in not course) to allow the lighter roast to fully extract. 
Finally, the ratio I tend to use is closer to 15:1 in my pour overs. 15 parts water (right off the boil) to 1 part coffee. Which for me is 20 grams of coffee in the filter and 300 grams of water poured over it, as determined by my kitchen scale. If I don’t have a scale (on the road, or at a friend’s house), I’ll grind two handfuls of beans, and pour water slowly to cover for the bloom, then to the top of the brewer and try to gauge it so it doesn’t overflow a typical size mug. 
For more information: is a great place to start for tutorials an the wide range of brewing methods."

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