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A happy garden grows healthy trees, vines, flowers, veggies, fruits, berries and herbs, and during growing and harvest seasons, our garden at ChocolaTree is in full flourish. We have planted Apples, Pears, Almonds, Pistachios, Figs, Peaches, Kiwis, Many Berries, Goji, Raspberry, Blueberry, Golden Raspberry, Blackberry and Strawberries. Since our start in 2007 we love to hold events in the garden and education forums on gardening.

For the most optimal growth we regularly apply effective microorganisms to assure they have all the helpful bacteria for their enrichment. We plant organic and heirloom to continue to honor the natural ways. Feel free to read, play, sing, meditate in our garden.


In our garden and in our dining area are 2 standing shiva lingams. We said yes to being Intent holders for the Peace Across the Planet Project, twice. The Lingams are far more than symbols for peace, they are living stone beings grounding into mother earth and tapping into the cosmos, connecting us all with the rhythms of the divine. 

Please enjoy what Tohmas and Marilyn of AhhhMuse have to say about this adventure as we could not agree more.

Peace Across the Planet may be the biggest invitation you will ever receive. For us, it may be the biggest one we have ever accepted: Join Peace Across the Planet in whatever way truly pleases your heart and grows your Spirit.

All of us sleep-walk through parts of our days. Sometimes it seems to take so much just to survive. And it does. It takes many times more energy and precious lifeforce to pay the bills, run the errands, to ONLY survive, instead of thriving. When we bring our enormous, innate focus on thriving— on the magnificent vision of peace everywhere at once — our life force grows by leaps and bounds. Why? Because when we give ourselves to the wonder of life itself, our Spirits come to the forefront of everything we do and be.  Now. They insist upon it, magnificently. And then, even though watching the kids, walking the dogs, and paying the mortgage demands almost unbelievable energy...what does it matter? We have MORE than enough energy when we are fully engaged with our Spirits. And when we need more, MORE than enough comes to us again and it never, ever stops. It just keeps coming, answering our trust in love and inspiration, utterly. Our Spirits love to grow life with us, through us, and in us. It is so.

Our Spirit Grandmother offers it to us in an Elemental Equation, “Right now, one person standing in unconditional love and acceptance is stronger than over 300,000 people standing in fear.” Drink that in. Fill the well of your undying inspiration with that, over and over again. Revel in unceasingly!

Now look at the numbers: There are about 7 billion people on the Earth Mother right now. When you divide 7 billion by 300,000, it equals 23, 333.33 people — barely the size of ONE small city! One small city of 23,333 people living in the loving focus that grows unlimited lifeforce can “rule” the peace for all. Let’s apply this directly to the ‘Peace Across the Planet” adventure. There are Standing Shiva Lingams in various places around the world where fantastically brave and dedicated humans said, “Yes, I will be the one in my community, in my family, to be an Intent Holder. I will hold this sacred Shiva Lingam in my space and gather people around it at least once a month, no matter what — no matter how busy I can fool myself into being. I will do this and stand as one person in 300,000 choosing love and peace, now.”

In Tucson, USA, there are more Intent Holders in that city than anywhere else in the world; there are 7 Intent Holders. According to the July 2010 census there are 520,116 people living in Tucson. When you translate 7 Intent Holders into the Elemental Equation, those 7 people are stronger than 2,100,000 people focusing on fear (survival alone, nothing else), 4 times the current population of Tucson! Not only can this be done, it is being done. It is being focused on and it is being shared. It is being offered to every willing being on this fantastic planet. One of the reasons that people living love with open hearts are so powerful at this time is that the Earth Mother is evolving. That evolution offers an infinite boost of energy to all beings who choose to accept the invitation to evolve with her. All of the Animals (non two-leggeds), Minerals, and Plants upon the Earth stand in union with her; they already live completely within the natural, powerful, generous cycles of life here— they can do no less. They are evolving too. Their joined energies cascade even more lifeforce and support upon two-leggeds who stand up and say, “Yes. I choose to evolve.”

When we support and gather around Standing Shiva Lingams, we merge ourselves with the Mineral Kingdom’s timeless wisdom and unerring stamina for peace. These Standing Lingams profoundly root into the Earth; they ground into the Crystalline Grid of the Earth Mother— the conscious network of all the Stones & Crystals making up her which communicates immediately & constantly her love and support to all beings upon her. Through the Crystalline Grid, she invites us all to evolve, right here, right now.

Through Peace Across the Planet, we accept. We consciously choose to evolve and all her children offer unlimited energy, life and joy to our choices. This is why we are Standing with the Shiva Lingams in Peace Across the Planet: it is our honor and perhaps the biggest invitation we will ever love and accept. 


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