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Chocolatree Maca Powder


ChocolaTree Organic Oasis

$ 12.00

11oz Jar

Maca Powder 


About the product

  • Enhanced Bioavailability - Maca powder is gelatinized in order to improve the absorption of this renowned root. Gelatinization ensures indigestible starch is removed by applying low heat to raw maca roots, resulting in a highly absorbable powder that eliminates any digestive discomfort.
  • Adaptogenic Qualities - Maca has been shown to help support healthy hormone levels, enhance vitality and sustain energy levels, naturally. We recommend using 1 teaspoon per day for feelings of tranquility and relaxation.
  • Promotes Radiant Complexion and Glowing Skin - gelatinized Maca is a nutritious source of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and plant sterols offering a wide range of benefits, particularly helping to improve the look and feel of skin.
  • Impeccable Versatility - Maca can be used to enhance a variety of recipes including smoothies, baked goods as well as savory items. This delectable superfood will enhance the taste and flavor of any modern-day recipe, while increasing the nutritional value of your meals.
  • Maca is certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Try Maca today and experience the full benefits of this Peruvian wonder.

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