Veggie Burgers


6 cups carrot pulp

1 ½ cups ground chia seeds

¾ cup fresh finely chopped basil

¾ cup fresh finely chopped parsley

1 Tbsp fresh finely chopped oregano

1 cup red onion

4 cups green or yellow zucchini peeled and shredded

2 Tbsp garlic cloves

2 Tbsp peeled and finely chopped ginger

¼ cup tomato concentrate

1 cups soaked sunflower seeds

3 Tbsp lemon juice

1 ½ Tbsp sea salt

¼ tsp. cayenne pepper



Puree all ingredients except chia seeds in food processor until well pureed. Then Mix with the chia powder into the pureed ingredients with your hands. Form the mixture into patties. Place patties directly onto the mesh screen in the dehydrator. Let them dehydrate at 110° for 12 hours

Once done, enjoy with your favorite condiments and buns.