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Ayurvedic Mint Chutney

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This recipe is inspired by one of my Ayurvedic teachers Bharat Javier Lopez . Thank you Bharat!

Its easy to make and typically takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish. So delicious and with such an abundance of mint in our Homestead garden and ChocolaTree garden we are grateful to be featuring this delicious and refreshing chutney through the season. Its also great for digestion and cooling, during these hot summer months. 

What I love about this recipe is the chutney is onion and garlic free and tastes so deliciously full flavored. This Mint Chutney is savory and slightly spicy. If you would like less spice use less cayenne pepper 


5 cups coconut flakes

4 cups water

5 cups mint leaves ( without stem) just the leaves

2 whole cucumbers peeled

6 Tbsp ginger juice

6 Tbsp lemon juice

STEP 1) Blend above ingredients together in vitamix. 

STEP 2) Make Tarka and add the Tarka (below) & blend all in blender

To Make Tarka:

In small skillet add:

1 cup coconut oil

1 Tbsp fennel seeds ground

4 Tbsp cumin seed

3 Tbsp coriander ground

1 tsp cayenne

Let spices sauté on low heat in coconut oil until cumin turns light brown. Then turn off and let cool. 

STEP 3) Blend parka in with blender ingredients and blend on low until thoroughly blended. 

STEP 4) Then mix in bowl by hand entire blended ingredients with:

5 cups finely chopped mint leaves

2 Tbsp salt (or to taste)


Let cool and serve chilled. 

Quantity: makes 12 cups

If you want to make a smaller amount just cut the recipe in half for 6 cup. 

Enjoy with dosas or and chip including ChocolaTree Onion Flat Bread or Pizza Bread 


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