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Why We Compost 100% of our Sacred Food Scraps

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Why we compost 100% of our sacred food scraps. AKA Holy's natural built-in revolution of ideas & nutrients of both spiritual & organic, earthly dimensions!

"Along with the wild and Holy earth, nothing in the world has been more misconstrued, obscenely interrupted of natural precedence, and unintelligently removed from its deeply revered, deified, high spiritual rank than the indispensable physical and spiritual renewal that Decay and Decomposition accomplish for all cultures of live beings." 

This enormous subject is the subject when it comes to continued life on earth.

In its self-biased assessment of human culture, the modern world seems to define a culture in Decay as a culture in decadence, a culture that does not have the adrenaline exuberance of increased growth or commerce to keep expanding. In this bizarre micro-focused thinking one wonders where this eternal "growth" expects to draw nutrients, input, and energy on a sphere if not from first composting the last growth into usable futures.


The modern notion of Decay is set in a frigid state in opposition to health! A healthy culture is where business is "flourishing", culture is on the rise, everything is "coming up roses," etc., all of which again ridiculously disregards the unhealthy reality that such synthetic economic "health" has never done anything but destroy the health of every acre and shred of the world's natural peoples, rivers, air, seas, open wild land, destruction that is not Decay but the sterilisation of culture.

Indigenous peoples the world over, all our ancestors included at some point, regarded Decay as an indispensable cycle in the maintenance of human health, plant health, animal health, and the welfare of all. 

In this comprehension, whatever force has sickened and made unhealthy a culture, or made unwell an individual, or rescinded the vitality of its lands to produce, its animals' or plants' capacity to thrive cannot be surgically removed from the environment or eradicated through a "campaign" or program, but can only be internally "metabolized" and digested back down to its primal elemental particles to be then re-organized, re-energized, re-ionized, and naturally re-issued back into what feeds and supports healthy living cultures of life. This is, of course, the basic definition of compost.  

Instead of removing the motion inherit in decomposition and petrifying Decay as some rigid unchanging undesirable state such as "social stagnation" or just a pile of stinking garbage that we want shuffled out and away from our sight, we'd be better to understand Decay as the Holy's natural built-in revolution of ideas and nutrients of both spiritual and organic, earthly dimensions.

The Husband of the Holy in the Wild is Holy Decomposition. Culture need not disintegrate and disappear from constant warfare if they accept as natural the organic capacity to decompose in order to resprout themselves renewed and smaller from a strong remembered seed of culture from the composted past of what they used to be."

―Martin Prechtel, The Unlikely Peace at Cuchumaquic: The Parallel Lives of People as Plants: Keeping the Seeds Alive —
— Art by Martin Prechtel —


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