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Uttati Aromatherapy by Gabrielle Young Now Available!

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Beautiful Uttati Aromatherapy now available at ChocolaTree! 

Why is Uttati Aromatherapy Unique?

Recognized internationally for refined frequencies, potent healing properties and exquisite fragrance, Uttati offers pure essential oils of the highest quality at wholesale prices. There are no additives, extenders or preservatives of any kind in Uttati oils. These pure essential oils are derived from the regenerating and immune system of organic plants. The oils are extracted during the first press of the distillation process. Raed Rady, founder of Uttati, is a scientist who is sensitively attuned to knowledge of ancient wisdom formulas used in Egyptian temples. His family, tracing back to second century Coptic roots, has preserved this sacred science and art. Uttati interfaces with over 45 organic growers around the globe.

These essential oils support powerfully our ability to expand, clear and move in balance through change.  They assist in opening the heart and integrating higher frequencies and interface beautifully with other healing modalities such as massage, meditation, counseling, inner journeying.  They provide balanced detoxification and clearing, release of mental and emotional stress,  environmental protection and recharging of vital life systems including nervous and immune systems. There are wonderful blends and singles especially for women such as Tjet, Myrrh, Exaltation, Rabaa (Persian Rabia), Spikenard and Jasmine Sambac. 

Note:  Uttati Aromatherapy is for external use only.

Here are some recommendations for those just beginning with Uttati. These transmissions of higher Light are very pure and potent. Please attune consciously with pure intent. There are hundreds of oils to choose from. They are very concentrated and should not be taken internally. Detailed information for proper use is provided in consultations, by phone or in person, and trainings, including on-line, with Gabrielle.

  • Healing and medicinal general clearing and balancing of energy fields and whole system(See Whole System Cleanse, Formulas 1 & 2 listed as Liver Cleanse under 1st list of “Synergistic Blends”)
  • Strengthening vital life force, chi energy and flow
  • Detoxifying and oxygenating formulas for lymphatic, circulatory, blood, muscular and endocrine systems; cleansing and rejuvenation of cells and organs
  • Opening, balancing and clearing subtle energy fields
    Hemispheric Balancing
  • Quieting and calming the mind; stress relief
  • Reawakening beauty, inner divinity
  • Building confidence, strength and inner peace
  • Immediately clearing and expanding
  • Supporting access to essence and inner guidance and integration of this wisdom in our daily lives
  • Ceremony and creating sacred space
  • Energizing, quieting, relaxing
  • Chakra and Sufi Set
  • Meditative and massage blends
  • Sports and spa blends
  • Environmental balancing

Simply smelling an essential oil or blend is immediately effective. Do not breathe back into containers. Take several sniffs if you wish, replace top and continue to sit quietly holding the oil.

Anoint yourself or a friend for meditation, inner journeying or creating sacred space or wear oil. Place a drop on heart. third eye or pulse points and hold vial quietly for a few minutes.

Continue simply to sit quietly with Uttati essential oils to receive full transmission. As in all meditation and spiritual practices, including singing sacred Names and mantras, the actual vibrations of the higher harmonic of Light encoded in the sacred Name, or in the Uttati oil, clear and harmonize our fields of awareness, re-calibrating us. In this process, we often receive, spontaneously, clear understandings and guidance regarding very practical daily concerns.

For massage, put 1-3 drops of oils in palm and add a small pool of carrier oil the size of a quarter (or more if needed). Mix and massage where needed. The chest and neck areas, both front and back,  and the feet are especially good places to massage. Use unscented sesame or almond oil as a carrier oil for massage. Best recommendation for body workers is to purchase Uttati’s custom 14 base-oil blend called Base 1 for massage. Base 1: A blend of 14 cold-pressed, highest quality base oil for all types of skin ( 500 MI, $59.00).

Bathing:  Use 4-6 drops in a bath. You may combine favorites such as Deep Relaxation or Ankh with Rose, Lavender, etc..  Uttati also offers special bath blends for calming, energizing, etc. Please inquire regarding these.

You will get to know the nuances and gifts of Uttati oils as you use them. It is fine to use them daily and several times a day. Enjoy!

Uttati Aromatherapy Certificate Trainings, Now Online and in Sedona for Level One and Advanced Trainings.  See CALENDAR, in Sedona
Click Here to learn more about Uttati Aromatherapy Trainings with Gabrielle Young.

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