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"The Art of Herbal Tea" by Matriarika's Apothecary

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"The Art of Herbal Tea" by

Matriarika's Apothecary 

Warm and inviting, a hug from the inside out. Smelling floral notes curve around rich resins, rising up on swirling steam.   A warm cup of tea is magic to the senses, solace for the mind, nourishment to the body. Making a simple cup of herbal tea is a beloved gesture of generosity, wellbeing and kindred spirits.   
The generosity of the natural world is a miracle. From restoring the earth to creating oxygen for us to breathe, plants share their magic with us every step of the way. Our care and inter-relationship with the natural world is honored, and necessary for our survival. It is a wondrous and interesting world we live in now. This is why I love the art and craft of herbal teas- to weave tapestries of hope, inspiration, remembrance, and connection for us modern people with the real magic of our natural world.
I make all herbal tea blends. It's poetry - an inspiration arises to honor a feeling or a place or a theme. Then, I ask the plants who would like to join in with their dynamic and unique characteristics to paint a poem into sensory form. For example, one of my blends is called 'Stargazer'. If you look at the herbs that are in the jar, you'll see dark green leaves, silvery leaves, tight pink rosebuds waiting to open, bits of orange petals, and fluffy white clouds of chrysanthemum. Looks like a painting of a starry night sky. These herbs have medicinal qualities that soothe and nourish the central nervous system, making sleep a closer friend. Traditionally, these herbs are also tools to work with the energy body, inviting participation of the spirit in the dreamscape. Our dreams are love notes from our inner heart; each dream like a star upon the celestial map of collective consciousness. 
Weaving together the elements of spirit, medicinal uniqueness, flavor, and visual features of each different plant allows me to craft a poetic cup of herbal tea to share with you. 
I use only the finest organic herbal ingredients in my tea blends. Either I grew and harvested them, a friend grew them, or a friend of a friend grew and harvested the plants.  Taking care with the plants from earth to cup is my way of saying thank you, I love you to all my relations. 
I am honored to share these herbal teas with you and our friends here at ChocolaTree Organic Oasis. I do hope you will join us soon for a cup of magical herbal tea, our gesture to you of generosity, wellbeing, and kindred spirits.  
-Nadeja J. Zoller of Matriarikas Apothecary 
Nadeja is a lover of delicious foods, a trained Traditional Western Herbalist, massage therapist, master tea blender, and facilitator of herbal workshops.
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(Pictures: 1) a starry night sky, the art of herbal tea  2) growing sunny Calendula blossoms and California Poppy in the garden. ) 


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