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As part of the Mochilla Initiative we gather as women to do spiritual work offered from the Mother Herself. This work is not for everyone and is consulted with The Mother who is calling Her daughters to restoration. 

If your interested in this woman's initiative to gather October 19th - 24th 2017 contact immediately as we still have spaces available.

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For over 40 years, the Elders have independently been in deep spiritual investigation into the root cause of existing divisions (e.g. war, family violence, global warming) within all planetary societies, including their own. They have been questioning why is unification so elusive and therefore life so out of balance?

This disciplined investigation — based in pre-ancient wisdom — resulted in a word given by the Mother that represents a pathway for healing and bringing life back into balance and harmony. This is achieved through restoring the memory of our original essence as human beings. The Elders speak of this as the recovery of the “original seeds” or the seeds of wisdom — and that we as humans are the custodians and carriers of this wisdom.

This pathway allows a process that embraces the release of negativity in the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies – as individuals, as communities, as nation-states and as peoples of the Earth. This healing process has the potential to regenerate wholeness within — what they call “internal order” — which will ultimately be reflected in the world we live in (nature).

If this work is in resonance with you please look through the MERT website and email Radhika Jen Marie.


ChocolaTree will be catering the food nourishment for this deep woman's initiative.



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