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Is Coffee Good For You? Vlog by Gabriel Cousins MD

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Now exclusively available at Chocolatree Organic Oasis, we offer the exact type of coffee described in this video BY GABRIEL COUSINS MD.  Mother Earth Restoration Coffee is an exquisite coffee, with benefits beyond our wildest imagination.

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MERT Coffee is grown in La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. This region is home to the native American Tayrona culture; consisting of the Four Peoples of the Earth - Iku (Arhuaco), Kaggaba (Kogui), Sankha (Wiwa), Kakachukwa (Kankuamo)– (called the “Four Peoples of the Earth"). Living in one of the most unique regions of the world, an area marked for its diversity and abundance, which they refer to as The Heart of the World, these four pueblos (indigenous tribes) have thrived for millennium. 

We now roast these sacred whole beans in-house, with honor, to benefit the process of restoration seeded in the bean itself.

Your interaction with this Coffee:

  • 52% of coffee revenues generated from orders placed through the ChocolaTree complements the communities in the Heart of the World persevering in processes to assure the permanence of their cultural identity by living coherently with pre-ancient norms as they carefully tend to each stage of the Coffee.
  • This model allows support to nourish other Mother Earth Restoration Trust Initiatives, which embrace the entire world, guided by Mother Earth and brought forth by Ancestral Authorities of La Sierra.

From: The Mother Earth Restoration Trust (the MERT) Recovering the Original, Spiritual Essence of Coffee for this Present Moment in Time... 

Coffee is another child of the Mother Earth, who calls out for Unity in collective consciousness as She interacts with peoples of the Earth in all corners of the world. In doing so, the urgent call for the Mother´s restoration and the restoration of Her Original Rights to Her Natural Constitution will permeate into the awareness of humanity where a strong unified volition will manifest into concrete actions.

-August 2016 consultations with The Mother in the Heart of the World carried out by The Four Peoples of the Earth.     

From Their Spiritual Perspective:

Since the Origins of Time, before Coffee was ever a plant, she was a woman dressed in Earth, who in Her lunar cycles would sow Her red seed into the land. 

This seed embodies a Mother, which contains the stories that once again connect us with the “Life Originating Principles” and through a golden thread of ancestral memory, sustains us in Unity with the Earth. 

The Coffee - A Specialty

The Coffee is likened to a homeopathic remedy which helps remind us of our ONENESS, serving to bring us back into UNITY as peoples of the Earth.  Each plant is cultivated with cultural and spiritual values that preserve the sacred balance of Nature and sustain life on the planet. 

Coffee is abundant in certain regions of La Sierra and is much sought after in the world market for its distinctive qualities. This handpicked, shade-grown, bird-friendly, natural and wild Coffee derives its unique characteristics from the diversity of its surroundings. The coffee we will be working with from this region is sought after for its bright flavours and clean palate. This strain of Tipica Coffee is “naturally” grown and interacts in its respective ecosystem through the principles of reciprocity, or complimentary relationships; in other words free of pesticides and free from harming the environment.  In essence, it is another vital element of the ecosystems of La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta that helps sustain the diverse range of flora and fauna.

Entering the world of Coffee considered special in the way of quality, is only possible with careful and precise attention to detail in every step of the production process. To assure all of the attributes in taste, aroma and body the coffee acquires as it interacts with the diverse array of flora, the ideal coffee beans are selected in the moment they are picked. In order to assure an excellent cup, this careful attention continues throughout the entire process: depulping, washing, storage, dehulling, transporting and roasting.     

Unique Difference in the Industry

The MERT Coffee is a unique model centered on infusing humanity's collective consciousness with the remembrance of our sacred responsibility in Nature, while making those (growers) in the productive end of the industry the principal beneficiaries of the profits it generates. Abundance and prosperity to the peoples cultivating coffee in a way that enhances the ecosystems they are part of, assures a perpetual cycle of wellbeing for all involved. Thus, this Coffee constitutes an initiative devoted to societal, cultural and environmental restoration for the safe keeping of our Mother Earth. 

ChocolaTree supports this initiative brought forth from

The Mother Earth Restoration Trust.  



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