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David Warr Leaving Chocolatree

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Spring is here! With that we embrace, new beginnings, new seeds being planted, new growth all around us in all its wondrous forms! 

We have already begun our planting here at ChocolaTree as well as our homestead sanctuary.

Some of you have mentioned that you have noticed David's absence from ChocolaTree which is part of the newness as well. It is true that he has left to begin a new project.  A new plant based restaurant located in the Phoenix area.  
Those of you who wish to keep in touch and see how that project is progressing, contact him directly at 630-902-1432, or
Blessings to all new shoots, pollinators, soil enhancers and all sentient beings!

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  • Anonymous: May 20, 2019

    Can you please send an email update when Dave opens in Phoenix? I would love to go to his new place, and spread the word ❤️

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