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100% Gluten & Soy-Free Restaurant / Chocolatier in Sedona, AZ

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This Sedona organic restaurant is above and beyond anything you have ever experienced. It’s much more than just a restaurant. This is a life changing experience that you cannot miss out on!

This Sedona organic restaurant is above and beyond your gluten free dreams. You are in for a treat!

Every person I meet tells me to go to Sedona so, I decided to listen and made a stop in our self-converted sprinter van. ChocolaTree is where we dined and they get all the credit for the post you’re about to read.

ChocolaTree – Sedona Organic Restaurant

Arizona friends, the time is now for you to hop in your car and drive to Sedona. ChocolaTree is worth every hour of driving and you will walk away with a happy belly and a new outlook on the way we should all eat and treat our earth! The stewards of this Sedona organic restaurant go 1000 extra steps. From food to packaging to sourcing, there are no short cuts. After a poll on my Instagram account, I received 70 recommendations to stop in so, how could I not! So, welcome to Wellness Everywhere, I’m so thankful you found us!

This Sedona organic restaurant is above and beyond your gluten free dreams. Gluten free pancakes!
International Dipper

To start

First, the International Dipper: corn pancakes, potato pancakes, 3 different types of dips and cucumbers. This appetizer is filled with bold flavors and culture. Whether you like sweet or spicy, this has a dip for you.

Let me just tell you, if you’re a coffee lover, you have to put it down and give this medicinal latte a try. The Warm Panchamama Latte is a sweet blend of coconut cream, maple syrup and cinnamon is a match made in heaven. Plus, the cinnamon swirl makes it very photogenic.

If you are a juice lover, Dance to the Beets is your jam. This sweet combo of beets, lime, celery, cucumber, kale, carrot and apple is a great way to hydrate in the warm Sedona heat. Plus, it’s perfectly sweet and tangy.

Filtered water with added minerals - fluoride and chlorine free
Sedona Organic Restaurant - Garden

The goods

Second, we dug into the Sedona 2020 Enchilada and DANG is it delicious and huge. I’ve never had anything quite like it but I would highly recommend it. It is quite spicy so, ask them to turn down the heat if your sensitive.

Next, the Broccoli and Cheddar Quiche. When it comes to quiche, the crust better be 10/10. It was 15/10… so dang delicious. It was perfectly golden and the filling wasn’t too dense.

Sedona organic restaurant - Enchilada
Sedona 2020 Enchilada

& as usual, there is more

The Classic Sweet Waffle is naturally gluten-free and filled with flavor. Often, buckwheat is gritty but you won’t get one bit of grit in this slightly sweet and thick waffle. Order it with berries, maple syrup and the homemade chocolate sauce. Get this… their chocolate sauce takes 5-8 days to make! Talk about a labor of love.

Salad lovers, try the Green Goddess Salad. This big massaged kale salad is likely the most nutrient dense items on the menu and the flavor is wonderful. It’s served with avocado, spirulina, dulse, sprouted seeds, herb pate and a house-made citrus dressing. Remember, it’s FILLING so, split it with a friend and you’ll have room for dessert!

Green Goddess Salad | Vegetarian Salad
Gluten free waffles from Sedona organic restaurant
Housemate organic chocolate sauce
House made chocolate sauce | 5-8 days to make from stone ground cacao nibs!

The Famous House Made Chocolate

Chocolate is an art and these guys have been perfecting it since 2005. Their chocolates are fermented, 100% gluten-free and soy-free. Plus, you will get a little taste of Ecuador from these stone ground chocolates. Additionally, the cacao has more than one use; they use the cacao leaves to make the boxes for these decadent chocolates.

Blueberry Lavender – If you love a mild and berry filled flavor, this is the one for you. Ingredients: honey, blueberry and lavender essential oil.

St. Geranium Rose – Maple sugar, lucuma, maca, mesquite, geranium, rose oil and vanilla.. sounds like a match made in heaven & it has floral notes!

Salted Caramel – This beautiful heart shaped combo of honey, sea salt, coconut oil, sprouted almond butter and vanilla is – hands down – my favorite one.

Magic Healing Bar – This ones special since it’s their first ever bar. It’s made with honey, hemp hearts, PRL, greens, lucuma and mesquite. YUM!

Saffron – The rich taste of saffron is one you can’t skip out on. It’s made with saffron oil, rose oil, vanilla and honey. This deliciously creamy and nutty heart-shaped chocolate is a must try!

Cookie Dough Cup – Almond butter, lucuma, xylitol, vanilla and sea salt make up this ELEVATED Reeses cup. It has bits of crunch and it’s not too sweet!

Famous Organic Chocolates - Dairy Free

Here’s what they’re all about

I have never (EVER) been into a restaurant that puts as much care into every aspect of their baby as this one. From the property itself to the take-home containers, there are not shortcuts. Trust me, I could dedicate an entire post to this but I will list bullets and leave the rest for you to experience yourself!

We believe people deserve nutritious and delicious food.

  • single-origin coffee from a tribe in Columbia they’ve visited
  • this whole restaurant was created from compost she created from her food and eventually turned it into soil
  • 100% gluten and soy-free
  • 100% homemade
  • source from local farmers and their own properties
  • raw food prepared at 115 degrees or less
  • 95% of the menu is seasonal “Not in season, not on the menu.”
  • artesian spring fed water without chlorine or fluoride
  • germinated (sprouted) nuts, seeds and legumes
  • added polar minerals into water (3.5 ph for cleanliness)
  • 100% recyclable materials and 80% post-consumer
  • NEVER any use of styrofoam & they use reusable ice packs
  • cacao leaves for chocolate boxes
  • they partner with not-for-profit Mother Earth Restoration Trust
  • they are a wifi-free zone (OH MY GOSH, I love them!)

There is a wonderful book at each table with ingredients, special events, their mission, values and so much more. Additionally, on the property you will find apple, fig, almond, peach, pear and mesquite trees. Then, blueberry bushes, grape vines and many other stunning plants!

The question I always ask: What does it mean to be well?

“To be in my truest alignment with my authentic self.” -Server and friend

So, you loved this Sedona organic restaurant? Pin it for your next vacation and check out this delicious brunch spot in Seattle!

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