Wild Jungle Peanuts

Wild Jungle Peanuts

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8 oz. / bag

These raw, organic Wild Jungle Peanuts are the only non-toxic peanuts in the world (aflatoxin-free). They have a beauty and flavor far surpassing anything you’d ever find in mass-grown commercial peanuts. Enjoy the pure, rare, rich, aromatic and earthy flavor. Their skin features an astonishing almost purple-colored striation.

Suggested Uses

Sprinkle ground or whole in salad or favorite dish.

Add whole to your trail mix.

Enjoy a handful mixed with Monukka Raisins.

Nut Paté recipe: Combine ground peanuts with oil, spices and any other desired ingredients.

Health Benefits:

100% free of aflatoxin - aflatoxins are toxic substances made by molds. Unfortunately, aflatoxins on hybridized peanuts (all other peanuts produced in the world) are a consistent problem that creates "peanut allergies".

Over 40% of the oils contained in this ancient peanut are oleic acid —an oil essential for heart health and smooth, beautiful skin. 26% protein (including amino acids like methionine)

A wide array of amino acids, including ALL 8 essential ones. Contains arachidonic acid, a fatty acid typically found only in meat products.

These ancient peanuts also contain 13% of the DV for Calcium and 21% of the DV for Iron.