Wild Jungle Peanut Butter

Wild Jungle Peanut Butter

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9 oz. / glass jar

Are you looking for an alternative to traditional peanut butter? Did you know that all traditional peanut butter, even the organic kind, is filled with aflatoxin? This mycotoxin which is produced by a fungus is toxic to the body. Good News! You have just discovered organic, tasty, aflatoxin-free peanut butter that contributes to your radiant health.

Indulge in raw, stone-ground peanut butter handcrafted from an Ancient Amazon Heirloom Wild Jungle Peanut variety that is hand planted and cultivated by the Achuar Indians in Ecuador. These superb nuts are 26% protein, contain all 8 essential fatty acids and, unlike other peanuts, are aflatoxin-free. Our stone-grinding process preserves all the vital delicate nutrients and natural peanut flavor.

Note: Best kept refrigerated.

Suggested Uses
Spread on raw crackers and breads.
Add to smoothies.
Use in desserts.
Make nut milk

Raw Nut Milk recipe: Blend 1 part Wild Jungle Peanut Butter with 4 parts water. No need to strain.

Raw, Organic Wild Jungle Peanuts, Organic Brazil Nut Oil, Himalayan Crystal Salt