TocoGold Tocotrienols

TocoGold Tocotrienols

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12 oz. powder / bottle

Formerly called Tocotriene Complex

TocoGold, often called the “Super Nutrient Formula of Champions,” is a premier quality stabilized rice bran formula (not made with poorer types of rice bran). This super nutrient formula features a good source of vitamin E and the entire vitamin E complex, including tocopherols and tocotrienols (2.3 mg/serving) to promote optimal health and wellness.

Eat out much?
TocoGold can be a great help when eating out where commercially prepared foods may contain undesirable food chemicals. After every restaurant meal, take 2 tsp. of TocoGold

Don't eat out without it!

2 Teaspoons Contains:
Proprietary Blend.... 5 g
Stabilized Rice Bran, Rice Protein, Inulin (derived from chicory)

Calories ... 15
Calories from Fat ... 6
Total Fat .... 1 g
Saturated Fat .... 0 g
Trans Fat .... 0 g
Sodium .... 1 mg
Total Carbohydrate .... 2 g
Dietary Fiber .... 2 g
Sugars .. Protein .... 1

Other Ingredients: None (no hidden fillers or additives)

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