Styrian Pumpkin Seeds

Styrian Pumpkin Seeds

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1/2 pound / bag

Heirloom Organic from Austria

These unique Pumpkin Seeds are bigger and darker green than most. They are an heirloom variety organically grown in the Styrian region of Austria. They create a rich creamy flavor in any dish. Our favorite feature is that they make an incredible raw, vegan Caesar dressing. A must have in your repertoire of whole raw foods!

Suggested Uses
Sprinkle ground or whole in salad or favorite dish.

Caesar Dressing: Grind seeds in a coffee grinder. Mix with apple cider vinegar, olive oil, garlic, salt & water to taste.

Seed Paté: Combine ground pumpkin seeds with oil, spices and any other desired ingredients.

Seed Mylk: Blend 1 part Pumpkin Seeds and 3 parts water. Strain through cheesecloth/nut milk bag.