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Strength Elixir - SuperRoots + Raw Cacao


$ 25.00


Creamy goodness with a subtle taste of cinnamon and ginger! 

            • Strength & Stamina!
            • Anti-oxidants!
            • Potent & Medicinal SuperRoots!
            • Performance!
            • Revitalizing!
            • Endocrine Support!
            • Stress Relieving Adaptogens!
            • Immune Boosting!

Sarvaa’s Strength Elixir is a powerful superfood that combines adaptogenic roots and herbs with raw cacao into a smooth chocolate spoonable paste. The ancient traditions of Ayurveda, Chinese, South American, European, and North American medicines found tremendous benefits from foods such as turmeric, shilajit, maca root, reishi mushroom, dandelion root, and ginseng root. A synergistic blend of these tradition's most potent medicinal superfoods is specially designed to support your body's natural ability to handle stress and enhance your over-all health and well-being. Combined with Sarvaa's Rejuve Roots, Strength Elixir is a unique superfood that can deliver the many health benefits of roots and raw cacao in a smooth and easy fashion. Inspired by the Ayurvedic tonic, chywanaprash, Strength Elixir is a low glycemic (low sugar) rendition of these tonic foods with new world texture and flavor.  

This synergistic combination of superroots is blended  with a delicious organic, raw cacao sourced from Ecuador to achieve a smooth paste that can be eaten directlyby the spoonful, spread on crackers, or included in smoothies.

This is my new morning start up. No coffee for me! A teaspoon or two or is hard to stop, and I am good to go. I need a bigger bottle! I went thru the jar in less than a week! Really helps me with fighting stress. (Jim G.)

Suggested serving size is 2-5 teaspoons. We suggest starting out with 2 teaspoons and slowly increasing your intake after a week of daily use. 

Designed for daily consumption, Strength Elixir has many health boosting benefits: 

                • Avoid the afternoon slump.
                • Provide grounding and nourishing roots and herbs that relieve stress.
                • Anti-oxidant rich raw cacao provides the body with with greater focus and immune support.
                • Powerful adaptogens stabilize mood swings, enhance libido, and create a sense of calmness.
                • Speed recovery time after an illness, exercise, or a rough day. 
                • Support weight management by suppressing your appetite.
                • Strengthen your endocrine system to support hormone balance and healthy energy levels.
                • Increase your strength, stamina, and performance for an active or busy lifestyle.
                • Tide you over until you have time for a healthy meal.
                • Replace a "not so healthy" dessert or snack with a nutrient-dense superfood that is easy for the body to digest and assimilate.

RAW!    Gluten Free!    Organic!    Vegan!    Non GMO!     Whole Food!     Low Glycemic!      No Fillers or binders!

 Ingredients:   *Ecuadorian Raw Cacao, *Coconut Oil, *Sarvaa Rejuve Roots, (*Premium Maca Root, *Dandelion Root, *Ashwaganda Root, *Burdock Root, *Turmeric Root, *Rhodiola Root, *Nettle Leaf, *Reishi Mushroom, *Cordyceps Mushroom, *Lions Mane Mushroom, *Fu Ling Poria Mushroom, *Camu-Camu, Shilajit, *Tribulus, *Cinnamon.) *Dehydrated Coconut Nectar, *Lucuma, *Dehydrated  Maple Syrup, *Vanilla, Orsa Salt, *Ginger, *tiny bit of Stevia. 

*Organically Grown.    

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