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Book, AhhhMuse Stones Alive! Vol. 1


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Stones Alive! A Reference Guide to Stones in the New Millennium

By Marilyn & Tohmas Twintreess

Paperback: 350 pages
Publisher: Ahhhmuse (January 15, 1999)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1890808091
ISBN-13: 978-1890808099
Product Dimensions: 7.6 x 8.6 inches

This completely unique reference book combines both the traditional scientific information and the energetic qualities and Spirit of selected Stones A-Z. This allows us to relate to and respectfully utilize the full, conscious gifts of Stones-the Earths timeless record keepers. Their wisdom runs through the ages and knows how to make miracles at any time.

The second half of the book offers absolutely new, sacred stone combinations, like Bliss and Immortality. Whenever any of us combines our truth and energies with full intent, the creativity that we produce is exponential. In other words, when Tohmas and Marilyn combine their hearts to listen to life, their energy does not double, it expands 3, 4, 100+ times! It is the same with the Stones. In these combinations they offer us the expansion of all their energies and wisdom at a time on the planet when we most need it.

The stone combinations also allow us the opportunity to open our hearts to deeper layers of respect, in realizing that each stone in the combinations is a single unique being (as well as a member of a larger family) that has its own special properties that it brings to the combination beyond the generic family traits it also exhibits. As we open to these special individual qualities we open to the realization that each stone is a live, conscious being. We then become more capable of entraining with the stone combinations energy from a new standpoint of openness, respect, clarity and unconditional love.

Stones Alive! was born from our listening to the Stones. We put the words from these Earth recordkeepers alongside the appropriate geological information in a way that makes this a new kind of reference book. It happily joins science and mystery. To us, that makes anything possible. It shows us the way into the new millenium by peacefully integrating all of our gifts and all of the incredible resources of our planet home. By listening to the stone information combined this way, we can feel the ancient, timelessness of the Stones, and we feel how they are evolving.

Their story is changing every single minute, just as the Earth is and just as we are. All of us are growing in our own unique way and contributing that to the whole of life on Earth. We feel honored, utterly, to have co-created Stones Alive! and are very happy to share it with the world. We invite you to share the adventure and to grow with it.

Stones Alive! Testimonials
Here is a book that is truly a gift. A gift from the Stones of Earth, as their individual stories and qualities unfold between these pages. Stones Alive! gives the reader all the information usually found in books about stone and more. Stones Alive! is a book to treasure and one were keeping tucked under our pillow for bedtime reading. In keeping with Twintreess style, this book is credible, honest and gives us a glimpse of how to access the fifth dimension. Its refreshing, fun to read, packed with information and filled with Light energy. ~Mikaela Rierson, editor, Awareness Journal

Truly Stones Alive! represents a new breed of reference book. Through sections such as the: Physical Description; Physical Integration; Emotional Integration; Millennial Uses; Personal Stories and the Stone Story, etc., you study the tangible, healing properties of stones while listening to their actual consciousness. Stones Alive! speaks of and with stones the way that the Findhorn books help us to discover plants and devas.~Don Karl, Zephyr Press

They literally flew [off the shelves! Very successful! Its an inspired publication.~Richard Meyer, Kundalini Imports

The more people hear of Stones Alive!, the more it will be one of the best references of its kind, ever! ~Dawn Chorley, Key West, FL

Stones Alive! takes crystal books to another level. The jewelry combinations are very well thought out and work really well. Reading it is very healing.~Ursula Avins, Aphrodites Rocks, London, England

It was written with a lot of respect for the earth. ~Linda, Crystal Magic, Sedona, AZ

It does very well for us. ~Rainbow Path Bookstore

The stones allow us into the magic of their joyful being. It is the joy and pure divine love that a lot of people search for day after day. ~Jennifer Salness, Earthstar Co-Creations

I am very grateful to have found this book. It‰۪s awesome! Its an old friend. ~Mary Ellen Kirk, Reiki and Crystal Healer

Stones Alive! is a wonderful celebration of life. It has taken me on magical journeys which have totally transformed my life, and left me in awe of all beings on this earth.~Bea Martin, UK

Our Story About Writing Stones Alive!
The Spirits of the Stones told us, We want you to write with us a reference book on Stones. It will be different from other reference books, because it will give the geological information that you already associate with Stones, right alongside the words from our hearts about the gifts we offer all the beings upon the Earth. To have all of that information side-by-side will show respect for ALL of our qualities, not just the ones that you mine us for. This is the new way of life for all life in this millennium. This book will invite humans to this way of being, respectfully. It will change their lives. Then we heard no more, consciously, from the Stonespirits about the book.

For one full year, they let us absorb and live with their energies in other ways. Then they came to us again. We are ready to write the book now. Okay. We want you to write it with us and we would like it to be ready for the Gem Show in January. We heard this in November. It meant that we had to write and edit what would become over 300 pages in less than four weeks, in order for the graphics people to work on it and for the printers to print and ship it to us before the end of January. Of course, we said, And yet, we didnt know how it would get done.

Tohmas and I write as a team and at that moment, he was building a three-dome-with-a-pyramid-in-the-center house that seemed to consume all his time and energy. (What later became the basis of the House as Teacher book.) So we just began.

Tohmas built everyday and I typed. We both tuned into all the gifts that the Stones had given us through the years. Sometimes, I didnt know if what we were writing made sense or not (Tohmas felt that was a very good sign.). I just kept going, even when I didnt know how to and almost didnt feel like it. Tohmas would review it all, nodding, ÏKeep writing. Somehow the book finished itself and I edited it as much as possible before it went off to the graphics specialist and the printers. With a lot of help, Stones Alive! birthed itself. It arrived at the Gem Show on time and it looked absolutely perfect.

To this day, we have no logical explanation as to how this wondrous book got done in three weeks, but we dont need one the book stands as its own proof. We like this story because as you hear it, you realize that the only way we could have written all this is that the Stones, themselves, did it. Their incredible energy combined with ours and created a miracle.

Over and over again, in our own lives, we have witnessed how Stones work with us and their specialty is directly manifesting what we need, here and now. They give with ultimate practicality. In writing this way, we literally did what the Stones asked to offer to all other humans on the Earth. We listened to them and accepted their gifts and it opened absolutely unimaginable doorways in life that have changed us forever.

The miracles keep coming and coming. Stones Alive!is read throughout the world and we regularly receive letters, e-mails and calls from people who truly love it. They tell us that they especially appreciate the heart in it. Yes, yes, yes. That‰۪s what made it all happen, the combination of our hearts and the Stones‰۪. And that‰۪s what we offer to you in Stones Alive!We invite you to combine with their gifts and to find your own miracles.

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