Sedona Perfume Oil

Sedona Perfume Oil

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Kejiwa ‘Sedona’ Organic Perfume Roll-on  

Transport yourself to the heavenly, inspiring, and nurturing experience of Sedona through this sweet, activating woodsy floral journey. For Women and Men.

Top Notes: Juniper Berry, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit
Heart Notes: Datura Flower, Night Blooming Jasmine Sambac, Rosemary, Pinon Pine
Base Notes: Ponderosa Pine, Juniper, White Sage, Osha

Delight your senses, instilling peace and inspiration with wild/organic naturally distilled essential oils of all of the above and more plus Essences of Sedona : Golden Columbine Flower, Datura Flower, Wild Violet Flower, Turquoise Gemstone, Calcite Gemstone, Cathedral Vortex Red Rock & Clear Quartz

Perfumes generally are composed of 15-30% aromatic ingredients where Kejiwa’s “Sedona” Organic Perfume is much higher infused with 40% pristine essential oils!

*Available as a Perfume Oil (in a base of Organic Jojoba Oil) or Perfume Spray (held in the highest quality Organic Grape Alcohol).

Illup Gravengaard of Kejiwa Vitality Alchemy is bringing perfumery back to it’s original pure therapeutic state; a return to innocence in a scent. 

Where many even so-called “natural” perfumes available are lab synthesized smell chemicals (often petroleum based) copying natural smell chemicals in plants, Kejiwa insists on the integrity of whole botanicals; naturally distilled essential oils embodying not just the main smell chemicals but also including the full range of complexities that make true nature so healing, uplifting, and inspiring.