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Sarvaa Superfood, Rejuve Roots, 6 oz powder


$ 30.00

Amazing Adaptogen SuperFood

  • Great for Athletes!
  • Grounding!
  • Calming your body and mind!
  • Can support a healthy hormone balance.
  • Ideal for middle-age women

Rejuve Roots is absolutely unique! There‰۪s nothing like this potent superfood blend of adaptogens to support your life. The smooth boost to your sense of vitality can last all day. This cutting-edge, proprietary superfood mix of organic botanicals was developed primarily for athletes, but can also be a wonderful addition for anybody who works hard and plays hard. With exotic sources of phyto-nutrients, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, Rejuve Roots superfood can be your potent ally no matter how intense your life is!

For thousands of years, cultures from around the world have used important botanicals known as Adaptogens to support the body's ability to deal with stress. The ancient tradition of Ayurveda found tremendous benefits from Turmeric, Tribulus, Ashwagandha root and Shilajit. The Chinese use Reishi and Cordyceps mushrooms, and South American traditions utilize Maca Root, and Acerola Cherry and Camu Camu Berries. European and North American traditions use Beet Root, Dandelion Root, Rhodiola Root. Rejuve-Roots is a synergistic blend of these traditions' most potent medicinal SuperFoods designed to support the body's natural ability to handle stress and enhance your health.

Rejuve-Roots TM is so effective, we include it in 3 other Sarvaa SuperFoods: Sacred Strength, Protein Powder, Power Elixir and Stength Elixir!

Rejuve Roots Ingredients:

*Premium Peruvian Maca Root, *Ashwagandha Root,åÊ*Turmeric Root, *Dandelion Root, åÊ*Burdock Root, *Nettle Leaf, åÊ~Rhodiola Root,åÊ*Beet Juice Powder,åÊ*Camu Camu berries, *Tulsi-Holy Basil,åÊ*Acerola Cherries, åÊ*Cordyceps Mushroom, *Reishi Mushroom, *Lions Mane Mushroom, *Fu Ling Mushroom, åÊ~Shilajit, åÊ*Tribulus, *Cinnamon, Orsa Salt.

*Organically Grown. åÊ åÊ~Wildcrafted åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊåÊ

Sugar Free! Caffeine Free! åÊNo fillers, emulsifiers, flow agents, or binders!

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