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PuraThrive Micelle Liposomal Turmeric 2oz


$ 40.00

PuraTHRIVE® Micelle Liposomal Turmeric acts as a powerful antioxidant that can support the body’s natural health response. Through our unique delivery technology, our powerful blend of full-spectrum turmeric is easily absorbed and may help to maintain healthy joint function.5

Key Facts:

  • Turmeric is a plant that has an ancient history of medicinal use1. It’s acted as a healing remedy for more than 4000 years and is one of the most studied substances in modern dietary medicine today – with over 3000 publications concerning turmeric released in the last 25 years.2
  • Turmeric can help Supports normal joint function3. Studies confirm Turmeric acts as a powerful compound throughout your body.4
  • PuraTHRIVE® Micelle Liposomal Turmeric is more absorbable than turmeric in its natural form5.  Our unique Micelle Liposomal Delivery protects the turmeric from breakdown in the digestive tract, delivering a powerful, soothing dose right where you need it.

– Organic Turmeric Extract

The whole, full-spectrum chemistry with 199+ powerful active compounds – linked with overall well-being. 

– Organic Glycerin Extract

We access the powerful compounds locked inside the turmeric roots by utilizing our proprietary organic glycerin extraction process. This removes any unnecessary byproducts from the root, leaving behind the vital nutrients in a super-concentrated form.

– Fulvic Acid Complex

One of the keys to our unmatched bioavailability. Fulvic acid contains over 77 macro and trace minerals in their natural ionic form, giving them ultimate absorption capability. Fulvic acid can also promote balanced hydration and minerals levels.

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