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PuraThrive Liposomal D3 2oz


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Vitamin D3 is a micronutrient that plays a crucial role in bone formation, mood regulation and numerous other bodily functions. PuraTHRIVE® Liposomal D3 is an easily absorbed form that may help to support all around health and prevent symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency.

Key Facts:

  • Vitamin D is a fat-soluble micronutrient involved in a wide range of bodily processes. The vast majority of the population is deficient (some experts suggest up to 90% of people) and there’s evidence to suggest it underlies a wide range of major health challenges.
  • Vitamin D intake is essential for lasting wellness. Maintaining optimal levels of vitamin D may help support all-around health.
  • PuraTHRIVE® Micelle Liposomal D3 is more absorbable than  standard formulations. We pair our vitamin D3 with vitamin K2 for optimal absorption, along with our unique Micelle Liposomal delivery that protects the molecules from breakdown in the digestive tract.

– Organic D3 Extract

It’s not just for building strong bones. Vitamin D can also support numerous other metabolic processes. We use lanolin derived D3 in a unique Micelle Liposomal formulation to ensure exceptional absorption.

– Organic Glycerin Extract

Organic glycerin is a safe and effective extracting agent for producing the highest quality supplements available.

– Vitamin K2

Taking K2 with Vitamin D allows calcium to bind with your bones (where it’s needed) and routes calcium away from your heart, kidney, and arteries. We use a patented form of MK-7 with unprecedented bioavailability –  to activate the proteins necessary for maintaining optimal health.

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