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(16 oz. powder)

Maca powder is a superfood rich in many nutrients with quality carbohydrates and alkaloids. Combined together they form the basis for the sustainable energy and potency Maca is known for around the world.

  • Boost of energy and vitality.
  • Thought to increase the libido of both sexes.
  • High in essential vitamins and minerals.

Maca root, related to the horseradish family, is a nutritional storehouse of minerals, vitamins, and fiber including vitamin C, and protein. Maca powder is also rich in quality carbohydrates and alkaloids which when combined together form the basis for sustainable energy and potency. We are confident that the Maca produced for Ojio in this most ideal, and pristine, location is the purest organic Maca available. The maca root this raw powder is made from is harvested by hand in the Peruvian Andes at 14,000 feet by family growers who centuries ago were the first to master the art of producing maca root. The elevation of these crops yields a hardy root that preserves the high level of nutrients stored in this potent root.