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Love Elixir - "Love Your Body, Love Everybody"


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Includes 8 superb herbs and spices for opening the heart and expanding the mind, blended with rich raw cacao, and finished with subtle hints of fresh rose! 

  1. Seven best plants from around the world to enhance Loving and Kindness!
  2. Anti-oxidants, Adaptogens, Vitamins, Minerals!
  3. Blends the best of ancient traditions with modern health!
  4. Helps to harmonize your system and restore natural happiness!
  5. Drop the excess effort, and relax into peaceful Love!
  6. Expand Your awareness!
  7. Love Your Body!  Love Everybody!

Suggested serving size is 2-5 teaspoons. Perhaps starting out with 2 teaspoons, and increasing your intake after about a week of daily use. 

Sarvaa Love Elixir is an absolutely unique superfood designed to deliver maximum nutrition and profound feelings of Love. Delicious and so easy! Love Elixir combines the rich taste of raw cacao, with the 7 best botanicals for aiding kindness and emotional peacefulness! The result is like nothing else anywhere!  And pure essential oil of rose creates both a fantastic taste profile, and imparts the high vibration of Love. 

Love Elixir achieves a rare mix of chocolate and semi-medicinal plants that will leave your palate happy, and your body-mind in a space for any aspect of Love!  Like all Sarvaa Elixirs, it is simply eaten by the spoonful. Really! It's so quick and easy, you'll wish you'd found it sooner.  Love Elixir is a potent superfood concentrate that can provide you with a fast and affordable way to deliver maximum nutrient content to your whole body!

For thousands of years cultures around the world have created “tonics” that nourish and cleanse the body. Inspired by the Ayurvedic tonic, chyawanprash, Love Elixir is a low-glycemic (very low sugar) rendition of these tonic foods with new world texture and flavor. Love Elixir is especially unique in that it delivers exotic and common superfoods that include Sarvaa's "Happy Heart" superfood concentrate. with raw dark chocolate and the subtle hints of fresh rose! Containing herbs from East and West that are reveered for their loving qualities, Love Elixir has an unparalleled blend of ingredients that support calmness, openess and "present in the body temple", and even a bit of stress-relieving adaptogens to calm the body, mind and soul.

Love Elixir is designed to be eaten directly by the spoonful. Or simply spread on crackers, fruit slices or include in your smoothies. 

Suggested serving size is 2-5 teaspoons.

Designed for a daily consumption, Love Elixir may also support many other benefits:

      • Anti-oxidant rich raw cacao provides the body with greater focus, less fatigue, and mood support.
      • Adaptogens can stabilize hormones, stress levels, and endocrine system.
      • Speed recovery after an illness, intense exercise, or a busy day.
      • Balance and alkalize your blood pH.
      • Bio-available magnesium supports healthy nervous system.
      • Macro & Micro nutrients cleanse your body, balance hormones, and support internal organs.
      • Boost your immune system with medicinal mushrooms, herbs, and spices.
      • Support weight management by suppressing unhealthy cravings.
      • Replace a "not-so-healthy" dessert or snack with a nutrient-rich superfood that's easy to digest.


RAW!    Gluten Free!    Organic!    Vegan!    Non GMO!    Low Glycemic!    No Fillers or binders!   Wholefood!

Ingredients:   *Ecuadorian Raw Cacao, *Coconut Oil, *Sarvaa Happy Heart, ( *Acerola Cherries, *Ashwaganda Root, Wild Blueberry, *Tulsi/Holy Basil, *Rosehips, *Maca Root, *Pomegranate, *Brahmi/Bacopa Monnieri, Green Tea Extract), *Lucuma, *Vanilla, *Dehydrated Coconut Nectar, *Dehydrated Maple Syrup, *Cinnamon, Orsa Salt, Rose Absolute essential oil, and a tiny bit of stevia.

*Organically Grown.   

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