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Floral Energetics Mandala Dreams Sleep Cordial

Matriarikas Apothecary

$ 22.00

Herbal infused drops for gentleness and dreaming. Relaxing herbs ease body and mind, welcoming peaceful nights of mandala dreaming.

Ingredients : Mugwort, Roses, Chamomile, Tulsi Kapoor, Sage, Lavender, Yarrow, Skullcap, Angelica archangelica, Flower essence of white Cacti, in Page Springs AZ red wine.

*Gluten Free. *Dairy Free. *For adult use only. Not intended to diagnose or replace medical care. *Do not take if pregnant or nursing. *Not Evaluated by the FDA.

1 fl oz  $22.00 ea.

Hand crafted in Sedona, AZ

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