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Book, AhhhMuse Elemental Birth Imprints


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Elemental Birth Imprints: Living and Evolving with the Earth's Elementals, NOW!

Activating your pre-personality self

by Marilyn and Tohmas Twintreess

ISBN# 978-1-890808-14-3
126 pages

We have been gifted this system by the Elementals and have been using it wonderfully for a while now. It took us a bit to figure out how to present this system in Workshop, Personal and Printed form. This ranks as our favorite event to participate in, in all forms because it is so core, exponential and pertinent!

Quite simply, each person incarnates with an Elemental Birth Imprint, much the same as they incarnate with an Astrological Imprint. The Astrological Imprint is a specific moment in time and space and Planetary alignment that is chosen by your soul/divinity in order to manifest your particular personality and lands the first moment you, as a physical being, you breathe outside your mothers womb.

The Elemental Birth Imprint is chosen by your soul/divinity for a particular Elemental geometry that is coalesced in the last moment before exiting your mother while still in the fluid of the womb.

The Elemental Birth Imprint is pre-astrological. It is before the full commitment to separation and forgetting happens. It remains fully for this whole lifetime as your innate link to who you are on a cellular level.

Everything on this planet, Earth, is made up of some combination of the Elements:Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Ethers. If you ever have any questions about how these Elements interact, simply observe them in Nature. Also, they will act symbiotically in combination for we humans in the same way as they interact in Nature. Water will put out Fire (as an example of two Elements acting in a non-symbiotic manner); Air feeds Fire (as an example of two Elements acting in a symbiotic manner). Most humans in our experience (we have been doing these Imprints now for a few years so we do have a somewhat large data base of experience with many humans) come to incarnate with only two of the five basic Elements in their Imprint in order to have a way to evolve and compare (our chosen systems). For instance, if we came in with all five Elements in total harmony, there really wouldn't be a reason for us to be here and evolve. Also, most humans tend to come here with non-symbiotic Elemental Birth Imprints, again as a way to evolve within the parameters existing on this Earth of polarity and separation.

Earth and Water are symbiotic.

Fire and Air are symbiotic.

All other combinations are non-symbiotic. The Ethers Element is a wild card in all of this and can join with all the other Elements as it chooses and it can be different each time.

Each of the Elements have their own characteristics such as the Earth Element being very grounding. It is important to remember on this Planet of polarization that these characteristics have the potential to display themselves on either end of the spectrum. This grounded Earth person could either be very grounded or not grounded at all. This potential applies to all of the Elements in all situations and also applies to them in combination as well.

Some common characteristics of each Element are:

Earth: structure, limits, groundedness, strength, embodiment.
Fire: unlimited lifeforce, creativity.
Water: all emotions, everything to do with them.
Air: the mind, communication, and everything to do with that.
Ethers: the Spirit-that-moves-in-All-Things, Universal consciousness.

These are only a very few of the characteristics of each Element. You can easily figure out from these what others may fit into which category. There is one more aspect to this that seems to figure in prominently and that is that Fire and Water, even though they are non-symbiotic Elements, have strong emotion in common. Fire can be very, very passionate and Water can be very, very spontaneous.

The last segment of the Imprints that is vital is the arrangement/alignment of how they come in and what percentages each Element comes in with. In our experience, using for example, a person with two Elements in their Imprint (and by the way, it is certainly possible to come in with more than or less than two), the first Element is always of a higher percentage and the one that that person comes to learn about the most. The second Element is usually a lower percentage and the one that the person uses to express the first one. For instance, I (Tohmas) incarnated to first embody the Water Element and fully embrace it in my Imprint (70% Water and 30% Fire). How this happens usually occurs first then through the Fire Element. For example, my emotions (Water Element) are usually quick, spontaneous and uncontainable (Fire Element).

As the percentages of a person‰۪s Imprint get further apart, perspective is potentially possible. As the percentages get closer to 50/50 a person can have less perspective, less awareness of which Element they may be in at any given moment because the percentages are so close. These percentages are a very important detail to always remember in dealing with your individual Imprint or someone elses.

That is the simple, quick version of this system. We have also created a Deck that includes all the combinations that include single or double Imprints. The Deck has general qualities of each Imprint and Potential Indicators and Challenges that can be present for each type of person. Each Imprint also has a Stone Totem which is included on each Card of the Deck. (This Deck is now imported into the NEW about the Elemental Birth Imprint Book.)

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