Danmala 2017 Calendar

Danmala 2017 Calendar

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Hexagonal flower mandala calendar can be taken apart and turned into 12 separate wall art pieces. It can be arranged in any configuration and added to each year. This calendar has multicultural holidays, astronomical events, astrological lunar planting guide and inspirational quotes.

In vedic sanskrit dān: the giver, mālā: garland of flowers the giving of flower circles

Kathy Klein is a devout lover of plants, animals, people and the divine presence within all.  She creates the danmalas by first centering herself in a meditative devotional space.  Next she gathers flowers and natural objects while her mind is kept in stillness.  Her inspiration is given from the golden sound residing within perfect silence. These offerings are reflections of the inexpressible, a gesture which points towards life’s abundance, an unspoken verse of Love. The danmalas remind us all to listen to the unheard voice of nature, creation, and the eternal mystery. Blessings


Printed in Phoenix, AZ USA on FSC recycled paper 100lb cover.

Size: 12.5″ x 12″ – 31.5cm x 30cm – 26 pages – spiral bound