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Medicinal Foods, Smart Cream, 6 oz

Medicinal Foods

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SMART CREAM Coconut Creamer 

  • A Coconut Coffee Creamer that tastes amazing! All-natural, dairy-free, vegan!
  • Coconut MCT Oil is a great "high-octane" fuel for the brain & body, feel the boost!
  • No sugar worries: Sweetened with ZERO-Glycemic Stevia & Monkfruit
  • Provides the highest quality, all-natural & organic ingredients
  • With Lion's Mane Mushroom that helps boost brain activity & neuro-regenesis
  • Feel the high potency ingredients feeding your potential!

An organic, all-natural, brain-boosting coconut creamer to add to Cacao Elixir, Coffee Break or other coffee and teas.

It’s a perfect Keto/Paleo MCT Oil powder.

Enjoy this potent combination of Medicinal Foods!

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