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Chocolatree Clarified Butter - Ghee (Spiced)

ChocolaTree Organic Oasis

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Our ghee is made from organic Strauss unsalted butter, from free-range, grass-fed happy cows.

Ghee is a special type of clarified butter. It is created when butter is heated at low temperatures to remove all of its water content and milk solids. What's left is a healthy mix of fatty molecules and what is considered the essence of milk.

Real Ayurvedic Ghee is an ancient food and medicine. It has its origins in India; a place with a rich history. Ghee is mentioned in many ancient texts, and the qualities and health benefits were particularly praised amongst the Ayurvedic Shastras; ancient texts that give guidelines and remedies for Ayurvedic healers and doctors.

The Charak Samhita, the leading Ayurvedic text, states in sutra 27; verse 232; out of all the oils fit for human consumption, ghee is the best to eat. It is acclaimed for its many health benefits and because it does not lose its good qualities when mixed with other substances such as food or herbs.

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Available in glass jar

Try this traditional Indian recipe with ghee.

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