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Chocolatier, ChocolaTree Co-Creator 

It all begins with trees growing with ripening fruit year round. We hand harvest the Cacao pods and peel each bean individually on our small cacao farms. The beans are then stone ground in their raw, organic, fully nutritious, live state. Bitter they may be, until they reach the alchemists hands where Chocolatier, Kelly Johnson adds sweeteners like maple syrup or honey and sprouted nuts, berries & dried fruits to create each unique Truffle, Magic Bars and L.O.V.E cup (Live Organic Vegan Euphoria) 



Gardener, ChocolaTree Co-Creator, Proprietress 

An experimental gardener, Ayurvedic and live foods chef Radhika Jen Marie has grown a family orchard/garden, started and nurtured a vibrant Eatery and marketplace and developed a line of live foods distributed online and throughout the country. Her restaurant, ChocolaTree Organic Oasis is a safe haven for travelers and locals of Sedona to nourish themselves in an authentic way. Her contribution to this world has been recognized by many as she plants her seed visions upon the world an inspiration is born.  


Pillar of Light, ChocolaTree Co-Creator, Head Chef 

David opened his first full service restaurant at the age of 22. He has owned or managed 12 other restaurants since then. He is a conscious entrepreneur spanning over 45 years. As a vegetarian for over 40 years he has worked with a wide variety of food preparation methodologies. David says, "To me, food is medicine and the art of creating this sacrament is a pleasure and an honor. What makes food medicine involves a consciousness of sustainability. Sustainable for all involved, including the people enjoying, the growers, the earth providing the nourishment and all things involved along the way. When we prepare food at ChocolaTree we put the sustainability of the planet first and foremost."

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