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Fractal Forest, CBD, Divinity Oil, 444mg



$ 66.00

A divine blend of potent earth medicine.  The clearing & activating properties of Frankincense blended with the calming effects of Cannabidiol oil creates a blend that activates the system, while bringing the body into a peaceful state of being.

By making our own Frankincense oil, rather than using an essential oil, all aspects of Frankincense are present. Boswellic acids contain the most healing which are activated in our full spectrum.

-Aligning & Clearing the energetic system
-Known to Relieve Arthritis Pain
-Digestion/Gut Health
-Boost Immune System
-Inflammation modulator
-Oral Health

-Full Spectrum Cannabidiol Oil
-Full Spectrum Frankincense Oil
(Boswellia Cartei & Boswellia Sacra)
-MCT Coconut oil



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