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Oak Creek Apple Co., Fire Cider Tonic


Oak Creek Apple Company

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Fire Cider is an ancient remedy that has been used in all forms of traditional practices around the globe for centuries. It boasts an impressive resume and a cult like following - especially in times of increased illness or the possibility of it. Fire Cider is a popular immune-boosting tonic brought to the mainstream by herbalist Rosemary Gladstar in the late 1970's. Not only does fire cider enhance your own body’s natural defenses but it is also antibacterial and antiviral, making this infusion the perfect edition to your routine for colder months - or, like now, when the threat of viral infection is high. Made with our Sedona grown raw organic Apple Cider Vinegar of the Four Thieves, this is an incredibly powerful tonic. It also has what we're known most for - taste! ACV doesn't have to taste terrible and we paved the way with our Wild Apple Elixir, which is now shipped worldwide and dearly loved. Taste the magic of Sedona and give your immune system a jump start by adding this tonic to your daily routine.


Ingredients: Raw organic Vinegar of the Four Thieves, raw wild honey, lemon juice, oranges, lemons, garlic, horseradish, ginger, turmeric, black pepper, jalapenos, habanero peppers, onion, cayenne peppers, yellow mustard seed, OCA's proprietary Four Thieves herbal blend. 

Suggested serving size: 1 tablespoon once or twice per day, or as needed. Refrigerate after opening.  

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