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Dragon Herbs, Longan Fruit



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By: David 'Avacado' Wolfe
Longan, translated literally as Dragon Eye fruit, is a wonderfully delicious, fleshy fruit that is extremely popular in China as a snack. Although in Asia it is consumed fresh in the fall, this unique tasting sweet fruit is usually dried and consumed throughout the year much like raisins or dried apricots. But unlike most other dried fruits, Longan is a major tonic herb. It is used by the Chinese as a blood tonic (an herb that builds blood), as an energy tonic to increase vitality, to nurture the heart, and to enhance the beauty of the skin.

A great blood tonic

Longan is one of the premier blood tonics of Chinese tonic herbalism, it is often combined with other blood tonics such as Dang Gui and Peony to make blood building teas and formulations. Dragon Eye Fruit has a very high content of iron  about 20 times that of grapes and 15 times that of spinach.

A great Qi tonic for building up your everyday energy

Consumed regularly, Longan is more than just a temporary energy booster. It is an excellent Qi tonic that increases long-term vitality. Since it is both a blood tonic and a Qi tonic, it can be used to relieve insomnia, forgetfulness and anxiety which are the results of blood and Qi deficiency, according to Chinese philosophy.

Promotes calmness

Longan promotes calmness, especially when combined with Shen tonics such as Reishi. It has been found to promote a deep, refreshing sleep. If you have difficulty sleeping, you may enjoy using a classic tonic formulation known as Ginseng and Longan Combination that is famous for helping promote a good nights sleep.

A fantastic beauty herb and sex tonic

Longan adds luster and beauty to the skin. It is believed among the Chinese people that Longan is not only great for the skin, but is also a fantastic sex tonic. For that reason, Longan is considered a MUST for women who wish to be both beautiful and sensual it has a 2000 year reputation as a special love tonic.

Longan nurtures the heart

According to traditional Chinese herbal theory, Longan directly nourishes the heart, promoting heart health.

Usage: Logan is a great every day snack. Longans iron content makes it an excellent supplement to a vegetarian or low-animal-protein diet. Give it as a healthy snack in your kids lunch.

Contents: 6 oz. bag dried longan berries

Caution! This herb is so delicious, it is irresistible! Just dont eat more than a quarter pound a day! OK?!

*Disclaimer: The FDA has not evaluated any of the above statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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