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Anima Mundi, Chanca Piedra, 4 oz powder


Anima Mundi

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4 oz (114 grams)

Liver & Gall Bladder Master Detoxifier | Cleanser | Enzyme Builder


Tonic for kidney and gallbladder stones; for hepatitis, colds, flu, tuberculosis, and other viral infections; liver diseases and disorders including anemia, jaundice and liver cancer; and for bacterial infections such as cystitis, prostatitis, venereal diseases and urinary tract infections. It is also widely employed for diabetes and hypertension as well as for its diuretic, pain-relieving, digestive stimulant, antispasmodic, fever reducing, and cellular protective properties in many other conditions.

Traditionally -In Brazil, the plant is known as quebra-pedra or arranca-pedras (which also translates to break-stone). In addition to kidney stones, the plant is employed in the Amazon for numerous other conditions by the indigenous peoples, including colic, diabetes, malaria, dysentery, fever, flu, tumors, jaundice, vaginitis, gonorrhea, and dyspepsia. Based on its long documented history of use in the region, the plant is generally employed to reduce pain, expel intestinal gas, to stimulate and promote digestion, to expel worms, as a mild laxative.

Ingredients:Chanca Piedra.

*Organically grown in Costa Rica.

Directions:Add to your favorite juice, smoothie or tea. As a tea steep 1TbspåÊin boiling water for 10-15 min.

*According to how intensive your therapy is, it is recommended once a day as a mild tonic, or up to three times a day for more acute effects. 

*The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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