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Shaman Shack, Women's Complete 90gr


Shaman Shack

$ 63.00

Women's Complete truly lives up to its name. When combined with a healthy diet, this formula can assist the body with sufficient metabolism/weight management, fertility and youthfulness. Our formula also enhances blood production and promotes beautiful skin. TCM practitioners have called this an "elegant" formula that exhibits Rehmannia's sophisticated understanding of Chinese herbal alchemy.

Simply add 2/3 teaspoon into cup of hot water. Add nut milk and sweetener to make a tasty latte-like drink. 1-2 times daily. May be added to smoothies.

Excellent for all women and vegan men.

Ingredients: white atractylodes. Poria. Codonopsis. Jujube. White peony. Longan. Astragalus. Cinnamon bark. Citrus peel. Rehmannia. Dang gui. Bamboo. Schizandra. Pearl.

90 grams powdered extract

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