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It all begins with cacao trees, whose fruits ripen year-round. We hand-harvest the cacao pods & peel each bean individually on our small cacao farms. The beans are then stone ground in their raw, organic, fully nutritious, live state. Bitter they may be, until they reach the alchemist’s hands. Master Chocolatiers, Kelly Johnson, Jeffrey Botticelli & Noriko Nozumi do their magic; adding organic sweeteners, like maple syrup or honey, & sprouted nuts, berries & dried fruits to create each unique Truffle, Magic Bar & L.O.V.E cup (Live Organic Vegan Euphoria)

Some may know, others simply feel that chocolate in its raw state brings out a sense of euphoria, due to a few nutritional components including anandamide & tryptophan. The care, integrity & love for chocolate is obvious when you taste, feel, & experience “the best chocolate ever.” And that’s not all ~ Raw Chocolate is GOOD FOR YOU !!!

Enjoy our raw chocolate Love Cups! Raw chocolate which is produced in a raw or minimally-processed form. It is made from un-roasted cacao beans & cold pressed cacao butter.

Choose from Salted Almond, Vanilla, 100% Dark or Fortina Chocolates


The chocolate shop is in constant production for worldwide distribution & for ChocolaTree to offer the largest selection of handmade, artisan, raw chocolates, which use organic, stone-ground, fair-trade ingredients. We are so blessed with our very own in house chocolate shop. The first ever raw chocolate factory in Sedona, Arizona.

Kelly Johnson, founder of The Chocolate Shop, the conductor that has developed his own methods of live, low-heat processing techniques to preserve the delicate nutrients & beneficial compounds in cacao. His dedication to the finest quality cacao production is apparent in the experience of enjoying any of his delectable treats!

Here is a video of the L.O.V.E. cups creator, Kelly Wonka, in action.

Sedona Chocolate Superfoods is located in Sedona, Arizona. 

Now offering guided tour, tasting and Q&A upon request.


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